The Black Widow unmasked

Actually a man disguised as a woman, the criminal known as the Black Widow was a hitman who was active during the 1940s. He was hired by wives who sought to kill their husbands for their own personal gain. Due to the specific nature of his hits, the man dressed up as a woman in a black funeral dress with veil.

In the fall of 1944, one of his jobs was spotted by Miss America who rushed to stop the Black Widow and "her" men from strangling a man to death. Unaware of the Black Widow's true gender, Miss America had trouble attacking another woman and the Widow's men tossed their victim off the roof of a building, forcing Miss America to rescue him with the Black Widow and "her" men escaped. The Widow's undoing proved to be in being careless enough to drop a notebook containing all the personal information of "her" victims.

Miss America thwarted the next two targets that were on Miss America's list. During the latter encounter, Miss America took a full on punch from the Black Widow and realized she was dealing with a man. No longer holding back, Miss America easily beat the Black Widow and his men into submission and turned them over to the authorities.[2]

The subsequent fate of the Black Widow is unknown.



The Black Widow wore a wig and padded costume to appear to be female.


The Black Widow carried a gun.

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