Deanna Stockbridge was the daughter of famed movie producer Charles Stockbridge. Karla Sofen was the child of the Stockbridges butler and maid and the Sofen family lived at the mansion. Karla was expected to be Deanna's friend but secretly she loathed the pampered girl. Karla would often prey on Deanna's naivete. Sometimes she would trick Deanna into giving her things and other times she merely messed with the poor girl's self esteem.[1]

Deanna was killed by Graviton who flung a rock on a beach in the United States and sent it hurtling through Deanna's skull in Australia as a demonstration of his powers to Moonstone. Later Graviton admitted that Deanna was the woman he killed and he did so to intimidate Karla. Karla was clearly shaken by the news but played it off as meaningless to her.[2]

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