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Death's Head was originally created on Styrakos as a robotic body intended to be used by a mage named Ty Rejutka Lupex, whose own body was beginning to fail him due to the massive energies he contained. Lupex however was double crossed by Pyra who made the body conscious and gave him his business-like attitude, and an unknown party stole the body.[5]

Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, the Transformers, and The Doctor

Death's Head eventually was brought by an unknown individual (later revealed to be The Doctor[6]) to one possible future for the robotic race known as the Transformers of Earth-120185. Here he surfaced as a bounty hunter, though calling himself a "Freelance Peace Keeping Agent," and was enlarged to the Transformers' size.[7] His contracts there sent him bouncing through time, including the possible future of Earth-88945,[8] and led him to play an instrumental role in the defeat of Unicron by Autobots.[9] Escaping the aftermath of this battle through a time portal, he encountered the Time Lord known as the Doctor. The Doctor played a pretty nasty trick on the Freelance Peacekeeping Agent when he shrank him down to about human size and bounced him through time yet again to year 8162.[10]

Dragon's Claws and Death's Head

On Earth-5555 (year 8162), Death's Head quickly got embroiled in local affairs of Greater Britain and was partially destroyed by Dragon's Claws, formerly the best Game team in the world.[11] He was re-built by Spratt.[12] Together they moved to the Los Angeles Resettlement, where Spratt became his 'partner,' and started taking on commissions.[13] (Something DH never really liked or admitted but begrudgingly tolerated.)

Death's Head (Earth-TRN234) from Death's Head Vol 1 1 (Cover).jpg

Iron Man 2020 and Death's Head

After being hired by Josiah W. Dogbolter to kill the Doctor and instead saved by him from a bomb, Death's Head was ditched on the Four Freedoms Plaza building on Earth-616[14] and was in turn transported by the Fantastic Four to a near future of Earth-8410,[15] where he battled Arno Stark, the Iron Man of 2020,[1] and once again settled down and started taking commissions. At some point Pyra found him and transported back to Styrakos, his place of creation. There, after a fearsome battle, he killed Ty Rejutka Lupex.[5]

Time Variance Authority

Death's Head also worked as a freelancer for the Time Variance Authority (TVA). For one job he was hired to investigate a time-bubble, encountering the Fantastic Four and Thor.[16]

Death's Head was hired again by the TVA to kill the Future Foundation, as one of its members would have created a device which would have unleashed chaos on the timeline, the intervention of Spider-Man made it possible for the time-space to be safe once more. During this intervention, Spider-Man decapitated Death's Head, so the TVA brought in a new version earlier from his timeline. After it was resolved and the timeline was rewritten, Death's Head was displaced from Earth-616 and arrived in New York in another unknown timeline, possibly Earth-8410. The decapitated Death's Head's actual head appeared to remain in Earth-616, still conscious.[17]

Later, presumably having left the TVA's employ, he stole a time-bike from them and was hired to steal a vase from She-Hulk.[18]

On Maruthea

At some point, Death's Head encountered the Doctor at a birthday party on Maruthea, a planet in the Time Vortex outside of time and space.[19] At the same time, Death's Head's future self and his companion Tuck materialized on Maruthea where they encountered Hob and his archive dedicated to Death's Head's life, created in an attempt to locate his lost master Josiah W. Dogbolter. The earlier Death's Head was attacked by Hob, but was saved by Death's Head II and subsequently incapacitated by the Doctor, who wiped his memory of the encounter and returned him to the party.[20][6]


Death's Head began taking in extraterrestrial life for the government organization known as S.W.O.R.D..[21]

Marvel Heroes

Death's Head was at one point hired by the D'Bari to fight Earth's champion, the Hulk, for the right to colonize Earth-9411. Given that Death's Head has been shown to be able to travel between realities as well as through time (having previously visited both Earth-8410 and Earth-5555 as well as Earth-616), it is unclear if this was that reality's own version of Death's Head or simply the mainstream Death's Head going where the money was.[22]

Adventures with other heroes

Death's Head (at 30 feet tall) traveled to the Voldi Tear, and was hired by Supreme Justicar to take part in challenge where an armor-less Tony Stark was fighting as part of his trial.[23] However, during the fight, Tony's armor returned to him, allowing Tony to overpower Death's Head and escape the Voldi.[24] Following the destruction of the entire race of the Voldi by the Celestials, Iron Man hired Death's Head to assist him in going after Recorder 451 who was responsible for the extinction of the race. Upon arriving at the current location of 451, Death's Head double crossed Iron Man, since 451 paid first to Death's Head with a much higher offer, and left Iron Man with 451.[25]

After downloading his credits, Death's Head decided to to go after 451 again, since the Recorder was wanted for manipulating the Rigellians' database. He ambushed him inside the Godkiller Armor, but 451 was able to eventually hack Death's Head's impenetrable system.[26] Under the control of 451, Death's Head began going after Iron Man, but was able to cheat 451's control by protecting 451 by Iron Man's attack, while in midair, but after 451 ordered Death's Head to let him go, Death's Head plunged to the bottom of the Godkiller Armor.[27]

After having his body rebuilt Death's Head was then hired by Tuck so he would save his future self. They came across Dr. Evelyn Necker who was dissecting Death's Head II on the behalf of the Psycho-Wraith. Evelyn send the reprogrammed Death's Head II to attack Death's Head, only for Death's Head to reboot his future self, while Necker used her copy of Death's Head II personality to turn the Psycho-Wraith into "Death's Head 3.0". After Death's Head II used a password to self-destruct all of the Wraiths, Necker used a Concussion Cannon to knock out Death's Head and kidnap him, risking the existence of Death's Head II.[28] He, along with other gathered individuals, were then used to form the Mys-Tech's Monotrace Core to replace the original board members and open a portal to Hell.[29] After Dark Angel awakened, she was able to free the rest of the individuals strapped to the core, just in time to face Killpower. When Killpower temporarily regained his senses, all of the heroes unleashed fire on him, killing him. After that, Dark Angel hacked Killpower's soul and used the energy of the Demons to close the wormhole. In the aftermath, Death's Head joined MI13 and he, alongside his future-self and Tuck, accepted a job they couldn't refuse.[30]

At different times and with different degree of success, Death's Head took contracts to capture Cyclops,[31][32] Novas Samuel Alexander and Richard Rider,[33] Guardians of the Galaxy,[34], Monsteroso[35] and Darkhawk.[4]

After being unable to pay a debt to Yondu he was nearly shot dead and knocked out by Yondu's female robots and was left stranded on Earth. When some teen began using his body as music boxers in a concert this left him outraged and started wreaking havoc, until he was approached by Hulkling and Wiccan. They were able to defeat him and teleported his knocked out body to their apartment's bathroom. As Teddy was about to sleep, while Billy was looking through realities, Death's Head awoke and tried to kill Teddy, until they discovered a younger version of himself under the couple's bed.[36] After Billy explained to them how he got "Vee" from the Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Facility, and another battle with the couple, they were joined by Kate Bishop, and decided to go to the facility. However, Dr. Evelyn Necker was waiting for them and sent her robots to attack them. After Death's Head and Billy were split from Teddy and Kate, they faced the Fearmongers. After the battle, they were reunited, but Necker reprogrammed Vee, and attacked them. Billy teletransported all of them, but unintentionally left Death's Head behind.[33] After landing at the lunchroom, Teddy took the appearance of one of the Fearmongers and got Death's Head and Vee to the others to safety. They decided to free the Fearmongers and were successful in stopping the self-destruction countdown of the facility. Afterwards, Necker became Death's Head's partner and was able to pay Yondu's debt.[3]

Death and Death's Head II

Death's Head was eventually terminated by the Advanced Idea Mechanics cyborg originally called 'Minion'. Minion was programmed by Dr. Evelyn Necker to assimilate 106 of history's greatest combatants to protect A.I.M. from a predicted unknown future threat, and Death's Head was the 105th one to be assimilated.[37] What no one counted on was that Death's Head's mechanoid nature meant his full consciousness was essentially downloaded into the Minion body causing the cyborg to become confused. When Minion went after Reed Richards as his 106th and final target, Mr. Fantastic scrambled his circuits with a device. Death's Head became the dominant personality and Minion became the new Death's Head. Minion then realized he could download the data he needed from Reed's computers instead of from Reed's mind and thus eliminated the need to kill him. He thanked Reed and went back into space-time.[38]


The remains of the original Death's Head body would later be claimed by Spratt, and brought to Baron von Strucker V in hopes that von Strucker could repair Death's Head. Strucker had other ideas, and using magic he fused himself with the robotic remains and became the entity known as Charnel.[39]


Power Grid[43]
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  • As a mechanoid, Death's Head possessed:
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Reflexes
  • At 30 feet in height, his strength was likely in the 100-ton range. However, after being shrank down to around 7 feet in height by The Doctor, his strength was reduced significantly to a possible maximum of 25 tons.


  • Marksmanship: Death's Head is an outstanding marksman, having been able to knock out some of the Fantastic Four's roof defenses, and being able to hit the FF's rogue security system in the air.
  • Master Combatant: Death's Head is a very skillful combatant, being able to hold his own against several known fighters, such as the Hulk.



  • Rocket boots
  • Multi-use hand: Death's Head can switch his hand out for several attachments including, a blaster, a mace, a rocket, and a projectile spear simultaneously.


  • Various firearms, multiple weapons in the form of switchable hands, a double-bladed battle axe and a mace.


  • After nearly being killed by Yondu's female robots due to a debt, it seems that Death's Head had developed a fear towards them, since the Fearmongers—robots created by Dr. Evelyn Necker which transform into their opponents' greatest fear—took the appearance of the female robots.[33]


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