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The Death's Head Guard appear to be similar in design to the Death's Head Unit created in the future of Earth-6216. However, how these units ended up in the Earth-616 reality is a mystery. Some 300 of these unit ended up passing through the Great Portal over the planet Sakaar some years ago and were used by Red King Angmo-Asan to win the so-called Spike War. He later used them to be his elite guard following the war.[2] The Death's Head Guard were mostly used to keep slaves in line and stop insurrections on the planet. They were soon used to battle the Hulk when he threatened the Red King's rule. However, the Hulk ultimately took over the kingdom after defeating the Red King.[3] When Sakaar was seemingly destroyed, some of the remaining Death's Head Guard were taken by the Hulk and his Warbound to Earth to get revenge against the Illuminati, whom the Hulk blamed for the destruction. The Guard were used to police an arena match between members of the Illuminati, until Earth's heroes were able to defeat the Hulk.[4]. It is unknown if any of the Death's Head Guard that were taken to Earth survived the Hulk's war.

Meanwhile, the Planet Sakaar survived, at least for a short period of time and some of the Death's Head Guard units remained on the planet. They later clashed with Skaar, the son of the Hulk.[5]. Presumably, any remaining Death's Head units were destroyed when Sakaar was later consumed by Galactus.[6]

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