The Death's Head Squadron was a S.S. unit created by Adolf Hitler and led by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.[2]

Altough a S.S. division, the Squadron operated independently from the Reich, following only Baron Strucker's orders. They were ordered by Strucker to capture young Russian killer Natalia Romanova and to bring her in Madripoor, where Strucker was going to have a meeting with the cabal of ninjas known as the Hand; they fought against Captain America, Logan and Ivan Petrovich, but they were defeated and ultimately killed when Logan's ally Seraph arrived and shotted them.[3][4]

Many years later Strucker, now leader of the terrorist organization known as Hydra, had his ally Arnim Zola building several advanced Life-Model Decoys in order to use them in his future plans.[5] Some of those LMDs were created to pose as the Gnobians an alien race that had never existed, programmed with false memories of an event that had never taken place:[5] the discovering of a Gnobian space ship in the forest of Gruenstadt, a German village by Strucker and his Death's Head Squadron. According to this false history, Strucker "helped" the Gnobians, who gave the Baron alien powers and technology, the same he would use to built Hydra.[6]

Time later, while Strucker was dead,[7] his son Werner, now head of Hydra, started his father's backup plan to distract his longtime adversary Colonel Nick Fury while the Red Skull would accomplish his resurrection.[5][8][9]

Werner then activated the Gnobian LMD unit known as the Death's Head Squadron, which started to capture and kill those who were near to Fury, believing themselves to be real aliens and searching vengeance for their savior, Strucker. They were defeated by Fury and some other former S.H.I.E.L.D. members.[10]

Later, Fury found an hologram of Baron Strucker who explained him the whole Gnobian affair was just a distraction and that he would be resurrected soon.[5]

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