Quote1 Bounty-hunter? Oh, you can have the gun, but I'd just like to point something out -- I'm actually a freelance peacekeeping agent, yes? I hate being called a bounty-hunter, right? Makes me sort'a mad, yes? Quote2
-- Death's Head

Appearing in "Death's Head Revisited"

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  • Death's Head's multi-purpose hand
  • Missiles
  • Titanium shottblaster
  • Plasma rifle
  • Acid pellet


Synopsis for "Death's Head Revisited"

Stealthily, Death's Head drops through an open skylight into a building. From the rafters in the ceiling, he observes the two guards below. He switches his right hand to his spear-hand, and fires, and the spear hits one guard squarely in the heart. Before the other guard can react, Death's Head drops from the rafters, disarms the guard, and knocks him out with the butt of his gun. Apparently, the rebels of this planet have hired Death's Head to eliminate their oppressive king. The Freelance Peacekeeping Agent makes his way through the palace, and finds the doors to the throne room. Noticing that no guards are stationed outside of the doors, he takes the precaution of covering his right arm with his cape, with a gun concealed behind it. He kicks down the door, and finds himself faced with the king, and his squad of six well-armed guards. Seeing that the king was prepared, he realizes that the king duped, him by having his disguised guards hire him before the rebels could, ensuring that he walked into a trap. When asked, Death's Head happily hands over his gun, but shoots up the other guards with his concealed weapon behind his cape. With that, Death's Head resolves to see his contract through to the end, and kills the king, his employer.

Later, on another planet, the bounty hunter runs through city streets, pursued by five men dressed as old-time gangsters. He crashes through the display window of a barber shop, and quickly looks for a place to hide. The gangsters come in, and search the shop. They quickly see through Death's Head's disguise as a customer, with a blonde wig and all. Death's Head uses the axe extension of his multi-purpose and, and cleaves one man's head. He then finishes up by peppering the other gangsters with laser fire. Resolving to get on with his planned hit, Death's Head arrives at the local bar, and kicks in one of the doors to the backrooms. He quickly realizes that he's in the wrong room, as he's happened upon a mother reading a book to her child. He turns to leave, but receives a violent user blast in the back. Careening over the bar, he lands in a crumpled heap, where he sees his assailant. The child, who actually WAS his target: Babyface, who is carrying a large gun. Death's Head resourcefully grabs a loose bottle from the floor, and throws it at Babyface's head. It connects, and Babyface falls to the floor, unconscious.

Elsewhere, Spratt and a very annoyed Sabre discuss the reprogramming of Death's Head. They turn to look at the actual Death's Head robot, who is currently deactivated. Sable, annoyed at how long it's taking to reprogram him, punches Death's Head in the face in anger. To his and Spratt's astonishment, it turns on.

In his office, Death's Head sits at his desk, waiting for a client. He looks out his window, and sees a giant red robot bullying and beating up a bunch of smaller, weaker robots. Realizing how potentially profitable it would be to play the hero and take the bully down a peg, he tails the robot to a company named TSB. He takes a job from the owners of one of the robots that the bully, named Backbreaker. destroyed, and he follows the broken robot bodies, and finds the rampaging Backbreaker inside. He tells Backbreaker to prepare to die, and shoots him in the forehead. This only enrages him, and he rushes at Death's Head, who shoots him again, in the stomach. When that fails, he kicks Backbreaker in the head, and then uses a smoke bomb on him. This proves to much for Backbreaker, who promptly collapses in a heap on the floor in front of Death's Head, and a stunned crowd. The crowd, grateful for Death's Head's intervention, begin giving him their business at his agency.

Sabre kicks the Death's Head robot, who backhands Sabre into a pile of scrap. Spratt, amazed that he fixed Death's Head, asks why he didn't move or speak if he was functional. Death's Head that he just needed to order his thoughts and prepare himself, but now he's open for business.


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