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  • Chain Gang {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Disbands}}
    • Fox (First full appearance) {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Main story and flashback}}
    • Previous Appearance of Spratt Spratt Next Appearance of Spratt
    • Wex (First appearance)


Other Characters:

  • Jesters Next Appearance of Jesters {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||First appearance}} {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Only in flashback}}




Synopsis for "Contractual Obligations"

To the surprise of Scavenger, Death's Head crashes up through the floor of the headquarters of the Dragon's Claws, the Dragon's Nest. Death's Head flies up through the hole in the floor with his rocket boots, and shrugs off the coffee mug that is thrown at him by Scavenger. He states that Scavenger is coming with him, but is stopped short when Scavenger's dog begins chewing and tugging on his cape. Death's Head flings the dog into the wall with his cape, knocking the mutt unconscious. Scavenger uses the distraction, and flings a lightbulb hanging from the ceiling at the bounty hunter. Death's Head is momentarily blinded, but still is able to wrap Scavenger up in a bola when he tries to run. Death's Head tries to collect him, but he cuts the bola rope on one of Death's Head's horns. Death's Head picks up a table, and throws it at Scavenger, who narrowly dodges. After barely blocking Death's Head's axe-hand, he attacks the bounty hunter, but is incapacitated when he gases Scavenger. The rest of the Dragon's Claws arrive, but see that they're too late, when they see Death's Head outside, walking away with an unconscious Scavenger slung over his back.

Death's Head takes Scavenger to the Chaney Maximum Security Prison, and hands him over as a captive to his employers, the Chain Gang, specifically their leader, Fox. Meanwhile, the Dragon's Claws relentlessly track Scavenger, using his dog, Scratch. Digit asks Dragon why they're at the particular spot that they're at, and Dragon tells him that it's the place where he first met Scavenger. Dragon's memories of their meeting are cut short however, when Scratch finds the entrance to a tunnel, which leads to the prison. Meanwhile, Death's Head, bored, watches Fox beat Scavenger as the two argue over wether or not Scavenger was wrong for leaving the Chain Gang. Death's Head grows tired of the proceedings, and decides to wander around. Death's Head recalls the story of the inmates, about how Scavenger was once a member, and how he used to leave the prison to retrieve things for the inmates, who couldn't leave, because they were all afflicted with agoraphobia. He remembers that the only reason that he's working for the Chain Gang is that they rebuilt him, specifically Spratt, whom he runs into while roaming the halls. Death's Head leaves Spratt, looking at his watch and realizing that he'll only be working for the inmates for about twenty more minutes, as his contract states. Suddenly, the Dragon's Claws burst through the wall of the prison, and Fox commands Death's Head to get them, and the latter begrudgingly follows the orders.

Steel is the first to attack Death's Head, slashing away at the Freelance Peacekeeping Agent with his sword. However, he makes the mistake of calling Death's Head a bounty hunter, and Death's Head responds with a hard punch to his face. Fox meanwhile, attacks Scavenge with a chain. Scavenger nimbly avoids the chain, and nails Fox squarely in the face with a rock. Furious, Fox pursues Scavenger further into the prison. Meanwhile, Death's Head takes on the full force of Dragon's Claws, knocking Dragon and Mercy aside. Death's Head remembers his first encounter with Dragon, and how he cut off Death's Head's legs last time they fought. With nine minutes on his clock to go, Death's Head dodges Dragon's sword, and disarms him. Elsewhere, Scavenger fights Fox, and finally leads him out into the open where he breaks down, since he fears the outside world.

Dragon breaks a slab of concrete over Death's Head's head, and Death's Head angrily knocks him into some boulders. Just as he's about to kill Dragon, he realizes his watch is a minute slow, and he's off the job. Later, the authorities arrive, and incarcerate the Chain Gang, and the Dragon's Claws leave. Death's Head leaves, but Spratt stops him, and convinces him to let him be his partner, to which Death's Head reluctantly agrees.


Publication Notes

  • This issue is reprinted in {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|comic| | }}.

Continuity Notes

  • Death's Head last met the Dragon's Claws in {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|comic| | }}.
  • The main story events in this sequence take place after the events in {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|comic| | }}.

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