Quote1 Super-hero? No, no -- you were right all along. Name's Death's Head... I kill people for a living! Quote2
-- Death's Head

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Synopsis for "Clobberin' Time!"

Death's Head has been left on Earth-616 on the roof of the Four Freedoms Plaza by The Doctor.

Death's Head accidentally triggers the Four Freedoms Plaza's security system and crashes through the roof only to run into the Thing. After a brief altercation, Thing knocks Death's Head through several walls. When Death's Head finally stops moving, Thing gets ready for a fight and the other three team members arrive. Mister Fantastic gets zapped, and the Four attack Death's Head again. Death's Head protests that he didn't zap Reed, but they don't listen. Reed wakes up and tells them that Death's Head really didn't zap him. They all see the security system Reed had been tinkering with before Death's Head arrived hovering in the doorway. It escapes and everyone moves out. Reed tells them which section of the building the system is in, and Invisible Woman is horrified to discover that it is in Franklin Richards', her son's, room. Death's Head goes there, destroys the system, and, even though he won't admit it, saved the baby because he couldn't stand to see it crying. As Reed is getting ready to teleport Death's Head back to his own time, Death's Head reveals to all of them that he's actually a bounty hunter. Reed cuts off the teleport, and checks to see where Death's Head landed. Death's Head actually landed in 2020, on Earth-8410.

The story is continued next issue...


Publication Notes

Continuity Notes

  • Death's Head is a resident of Earth-5555, but he has been left on Earth-616 by The Doctor, after the events of last issue. He is then sent to Earth-8410, a possible future of Earth-616.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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