The Death Stone was created by Anwen Bakian using the Reality Stone, when Thanos confronted her to get the aforementioned gem. Anwen gave Thanos the newly-created rock with no opposition, and when the Mad Titan assembled the Infinity Gauntlet, the Death Stone started corrupting him with some form of black matter and ultimately turned him to dust.[1]

Alternate Reality Versions

Thanos (Earth-TRN517) and the Black Order (Earth-TRN517) from Marvel Contest of Champions 001

Marvel Contest of Champions (Earth-TRN517)

The Death Stone was a black-colored Infinity Stone native to Battlerealm. Thanos used Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight to trap most of the heroes deep within the mirror dimension inside the Death Stone in order to collect the other five Infinity Stones unopposed.[2]

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