Death Tiger without his mask

Death Tiger formerly served the nation of Wakanda, performing various acts for it. He eventually abandoned Wakanda and became a mercenary. When King T'Challa introduced Wakanda to the United Nation, M'Baku ordered three minions to kill T'Challa. One of these minion hired Death Tiger to do the deed.[1]

Death Tiger stalked T'Challa during his tenure as a teacher at a school in Harlem for a while before finally making his move at the school T'Challa taught at. The two fought fiercely with Death Tiger getting the upper hand, but Death Tiger didn't take into account being earlier spotted by student Delroy Jenkins. Jenkins saved T'Challa by shooting Death Tiger to death with his handgun.[2]

Power Grid[4]
Energy Projection1
Fighting Skills5


Skilled fighter, stealth skills


Claws in his gloves, two knives

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