Quote1 I did as I said I would-- the girls are safe, awaiting reunion with their families. I have washed my hands of them. Other matters... I cannot wash away. This fact was not hard to learn, for Wolverine was not a subtle man, and tongues wag when legends die. Outside of the neon and noise, Wolverine cultivated a small cementery here, among the pines, hidden from the city-- Often nothing more than empty graves and memorials to fallen comrades... but, at times, fallen enemies, too. Even in death, I fear he still defines me. Not for duty. Not for legacy. For my choosing. I will be what you would not. I will be the blade of my own mark and making. I will be the trouble you once were in the world. I look out over this city, with its secrets, with its violence, with its wretchedness and its cruelty, and oh, I know exactly how to begin. Quote2
-- Lady Deathstrike

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  • Zhang Min
  • Li Jing


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Synopsis for 1st story

Solicit Synopsis

• Yuriko Oyama is a woman of honor, respect and valor.

• She is also a woman of her word…so when this Adamantium super-soldier learns of the death of Wolverine, she starts on a mission to acquire something important of his…something deadly.

• And woe-betide those who stand in her way.

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