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Quote1 Emma and I will not sit by and let the Inhumans destroy us. We have a plan. We've been reaching out, gathering allies. Powerful Mutants who agree with our position, with more to come. You can step back, or you can help. But either way... it is time to act. Quote2

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Synopsis for 1st story

In New Attilan, Storm meets with Queen Medusa of the Inhumans and informs her of the lethal effects the Terrigen Mists have on mutants. Medusa points out that mutants had been exposed to the Mists in the past and hadn't suffer any negative effects on their health. Storm states that Beast suspects that the Mists underwent a molecular change after being exposed to Earth's atmosphere that made them lethal to mutants.

Medusa agrees to help any way that she can and asks her sister Crystal where the Terrigen Cloud is heading next. Crystal states that the cloud's next destination would be Madrid, Spain. Medusa orders Crystal and her Royal Inhuman Diplomatic Mission to travel to Madrid and get every mutant in the city to safety. Storm says that her friend Forge has a machine that could detect people with the X-Gene to make the search for mutants in Madrid much easier.

After Storm leaves to travel to Madrid to aid the Inhuman Mission, a telepathic message is sent through the world by Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos. Using the powerful telepaths as a broadcast antenna, Cyclops reveals to the world the lethal effects the Terrigen Mists have on mutants. He then goes on to accuse the Inhumans of lying to the world about the effects of the Mists and believes that the Mists pose a threat to humans.

Later in Madrid, riots break out from the fear caused by Cyclops' message. Newly manifested Inhuman Daisuke is forced to use his powers to place everyone in the city to sleep including Storm and her team of mutants. Emma Frost detects this action and she and Cyclops wrongly believe that the Inhumans are attacking Madrid's mutants. While talking with Colossus and Magik, Cyclops states that he wouldn't allow the Inhumans to destroy mutants and reveals that he and Frost had been gathering allies. One of these allies happens to be the Master of Magnetism - Magneto.

Solicit Synopsis

• After the events on Muir Island, Cyclops and Emma Frost put their plans into motion.

• Storm and Medusa come together to find a solution for the deadly effects the Terrigen has on mutants.

• One of the clouds heads to Madrid, the site of the first skirmish between mutants and Inhumans.

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