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Synopsis for 1st story

Emma Frost talks with Magneto about the situation with in the Inhumans and the Terrigen Mists. Magneto agrees to help and tells Frost that he would see her in Madrid. In Madrid, the Royal Inhuman Diplomatic Mission looks over the city. Many on the team congratulate its team's newest member Daisuke for doing such a great job. They also tell Daisuke that needs a codename. He eventually chooses the codename Downer. Crystal and Gorgon discuss how the X-Men who were rendered unconscious by Daisuke were going to react such an act. Gorgon fears retaliation while Crystal assures him that Storm is reasonable and would understand once everything is explained to her.

In Yorkshire, England, the Stepford Cuckoos go to the residence of Thomas Jones aka Alchemy and tell Jones that they are there to ask for his help. Back in Madrid, Storm began coming to and witnesses the rest of the X-Men out cold. She goes over the Young Angel to see if he was alright. Young Angel comes to much to Storm's relief. Storm had feared that the Terrigen Mists had killed everyone, but she discovers that everyone around her had been rendered unconscious... except for the Inhumans.

Crystal realizes that the people Daisuke had put to sleep are coming to sooner than expected, which poses a problem as she and the other Inhumans still need to get mutants to safety from the approaching Terrigen Cloud and had to explain to the X-Men why they were put to sleep so a conflict could be avoided. Suddenly, the X-Men appear and confront the Inhumans over what happened to them. Crystal tries to keep the peace. Daisuke decides to put the X-Men to sleep again. Crystal orders him to stop as that is what antagonized the X-Men in the first place. Before Daisuke could do anything, Magik unexpectedly appears and grabs Downer before teleporting away. This leaves the X-Men and Inhumans confused and almost leads to a fight between some of them. Any possible fight is interrupted by the arrival of Magneto who pins the X-Men and Inhumans in with steel I-beams. Magneto is accompanied by Warpath, Rockslide, Wolfsbane, and Colossus. Storm demands to know what Magneto thinks he doing. Magneto tells her that he is doing what she is unwilling to do.

20 miles away, Cyclops, Magik, Emma Frost, Sunfire, the Stepford Cuckoos, and Alchemy appear near the Terrigen Cloud through Magik's teleportation power. Alchemy is noticeably overwhelmed by the task before him, but he is encouraged by Cyclops to help. The mutant team then prepare to confront the Terrigen Cloud.

Solicit Synopsis

• Cyclops and Emma Frost start to hatch their plan.

• The Inhumans cross a line with the mutants.

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