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Quote1 ...ideas never die. Quote2

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Synopsis for 1st story

Cyclops and his team prepare to deal with the Terrigen Cloud. Sunfire asks Alchemy if he is ready. Alchemy states that he is. In Madrid, Spain, Magneto has the Royal Inhuman Diplomatic Mission and the X-Men pinned in with steel I-beams. As Magneto's mutant allies fight with the Inhumans, Storm confronts Magneto and orders him to stop attacking. Magneto told Storm that he was merely there to contain them. Storm doesn't understand what Magneto is talking about until she spots the Terrigen Cloud began to approach Madrid. Crystal spots the cloud as well and radios to her sister, Queen Medusa, that mutants were planning to attack to the cloud. Medusa tells Crystal that he was on it.

Sunfire picks up Alchemy and flies into the air. The plan is to use Alchemy's powers to render the Terrigen Cloud harmless. Alchemy asks Sunfire to position him above the center of the cloud, but Sunfire is suddenly struck by a blast of flame that knocks him and Alchemy out of the sky. The blast of flame came from the Inhuman Inferno. He is among a team of Inhumans that include Queen Medusa, Black Bolt, Triton, Nur, and Lockjaw. The team of Inhumans had arrived using Lockjaw's teleportation power. Cyclops orders the Stepford Cuckoos to deal with the Inhumans. Black Bolt wants to launch another attack, but Medusa tells him that she still hopes to end things peacefully. Cyclops and his allies go to check upon on Sunfire and Alchemy and discover that Alchemy's right arm is broken. Cyclops tells Alchemy to not give up and convinces him to try again.

As Sunfire and Alchemy fly into the air a second time, Medusa becomes frustrated and orders Black Bolt to knock the mutants out of the air with his voice. Meanwhile, the Stepford Cuckoos are trying to come up with a way to stop the Inhumans. They not that the members of the Inhuman Royal Family had strong defenses against telepathy, but Nur and Infero did not. So, they use their telepathic power to make Nur and Inferno see an illusion of Magik attacking Black Bolt with her Soulsword. Inferno and Nur respond by attacking the illusionary Magik, but they end up hurting Black Bolt instead. The Stepford Cuckoos, however, are quickly confronted by Medusa who appears behind them using Lockjaw's teleportation power.

While Medusa restrains the Cuckoos with her hair, their distraction is enough to give Sunfire time to drop Alchemy into the Terrigen Cloud and use his power to render it harmless to mutants. This cause the cloud to turn from a light green to a blood red color. Sunfire catches Alchemy while their teammates cheer. The celebration is cut short when Sunfire brings Alchemy back to them and reveals that Alchemy had breathed in the Terrigen Cloud and was consequently infected with M-Pox. Cyclops tells Alchemy to remain strong, But Alchemy succumbs within seconds and dies. Frost then tells Cyclops that she could telepathically sense the X-Men and the Royal Inhuman Diplomatic Mission coming their way and feared that matters are going to get complicated.

Cyclops tells Frost, Sunfire, and Magik to remain where they were while goes to rescue the X-Men. Cyclops enters the Terrigen Cloud and calls out the Inhumans. Medusa and Black Bolt arrive using Lockjaw and confront him what he did to the Terrigen Cloud. Cyclops explains that Alchemy rendered it harmless to mutants. He also tells them that it was harmless to Inhumans as well so didn't have to worry about it. While Cyclops and Medusa argue about the merits of his actions, Cyclops gives a short speech about how his life has turned out and that he was no longer a human but an idea and that ideas never die. At that moment, Cyclops opens his visor and appears ready to unleash an optic blast. Black Bolt react quickly and blasted Cyclops to pieces with his sonic voice much to the horror of Cyclops' allies and Storm's X-Men who had now just arrived.

Later, on Muir Island, a funeral was held for Cyclops on Muir Island after Storm managed to work out a truce with the Inhumans. Havok confronts Emma Frost and accuses her of pulling some sort of trick as he felt the Cyclops that was killed by Black Bolt wasn't his brother. Havok justified this belief by pointing out that he knew his brothers well enough to know that he wouldn't go out like that. Frost told Havok that deserves to know the truth and asks him to follow her. Then it is shown that Magik had sent Daisuke away to Limbo after kidnapping him under Frost's orders so he didn't interfere with Cyclops' plans. When Magik tells Daisuke that she is there to take him back to the Inhumans, Daisuke, disillusioned by the whole experience, rants that he no longer considers himself a part of the Inhumans and called them maniacs. He asks that Magik to take him someplace far away from both Inhumans and mutants and states that he felt that he had been lied to. Magik tells him that she sometimes feels the same way.

Back on Muir Island, Frost takes him to the research facility and shows him a shocking surprise: the corpse of his brother Cyclops. Frost explains that Cyclops had been exposed to the Terrigen Cloud after him and she had arrived to Muir Island. Cyclops was quickly infected with M-Pox and died within minutes of asphyxiation. The Cyclops everyone saw that warned the world of the Terrigen Mists and that was killed by Black Bolt was all just a psychic-based illusion created by Frost. Havok asks Frost why made the whole world believe that Cyclops was alive before seemingly having him killed by Black Bolt. Frost tells Havok that she didn't want Cyclops' end by something that was ignominious as dying from an illness. So, she conducted the whole scheme of tricking the world into thinking Cyclops died fighting for all Mutantkind. This way, his death could mean something. Frost then states that Cyclops is no longer a person but an idea and that ideas never die.

Solicit Synopsis

• The first true battle in the Inhumans/X-Men war!

• Cyclops isn’t the only one who doesn’t make it out alive…

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