After Agent X-13 killed Cyclops and perturbed the X-Men, he was able to engage his Ghost Box and deploy three Deathlok-Class Units.

The Deathlok-Class Units crushing Jakarta

Quickly shattering the X-Men, projecting Emma Frost and Storm out of the space-ship they were investigating, dying when the pair of women broke their neck in the fall. Wolverine had his legs Adamantium bent by an alternate enslaved Magneto powering one of the unit.

Then, leaving Armor alone, the Sentinels moved to Jakarta, crushing Indonesia, as their autonomous programming allowed them to take the decision of annex that reality's Earth.[1]

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Probably those of a Sentinel. One of the Deathlok-Class Unit was powered by an enslaved Magneto, granting him control of the mutant and his magnetic powers.[1]

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