The genesis of the Deathlok robot began when the original Deathlok cyborg of Earth-7484 was brought to the modern age of Earth-616 by Fixer and Mentallo,[1] who then reprogrammed Deathlok in a failed attempt to assassinate the President of the United States. This assassination attempt was thwarted by the Fantastic Four and the Impossible Man.[2] Deathlok was taken into custody, but Mister Fantastic discovered that the cyborg required an expert in the field in order to enact repairs and sent the Thing to England to seek out Professor Louis Court, who lived in England.[3] The Thing succeeded in his appointed mission and while Cort was able to make Deathlok functional again, he was completely devoid of his previous intelligence. The cyborg was then turned over to S.H.I.E.L.D..[4]

Deathlok was placed in storage and later stolen by the Roxxon Corporation, which sought to exploit the future technologies that went into making the Deathlok cyborg. The cyborg was turned over to Harlan Ryker of the Brand Corporation for examination. Based on his initial examinations, Ryker was able to create a robotic version of Deathlok and turned it over to Roxxon for testing. [5] The cyborg was smuggled into Project: Pegasus by agents of Roxxon's the Nth Command in order to bring Nth Projector into the facility. [6] While there the cyborg attacked the Thing, who was heading security at the facility at the time. Thinking this was the original Deathlok, the Thing tried to reason with the construct, but it led him to believe that Roxxon had lobotomized the original Deathlok. The cyborg battle against the Thing and Quasar and sustained heavy damage. Instead of risking capture, the Deathlok robot initiated its self-destruct sequence before the scientists at PEGASUS could shut it down and probe its mind.[7]

A different Deathlok robot was later constructed by S.H.I.E.L.D. years later and was used to house the minds of agents Jack Truman and Larry Young.[8]

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