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Quote1 Remember this. You are what you've done, but your every action affects the future. Quote2
Deathlok Prime[src]



Deathlok Prime is a cybernetic soldier hailing from the alternate future of Earth-10511 where Roxxon has taken over the world.[2]

He joined X-Force after the Father was defeated.[3]

Dark Angel Saga[]

During the ascension of Archangel, Deathlok was enthralled by the power of War, the final horseman. To escape its control he had to 'learn love', the effect of which being that love was the only emotion he felt.[4]

The Jean Grey School[]

While giving a guest lecture at the Jean Grey School, he tells several of the students their possible futures and most notably predicts that Evan Sabahnur will become Apocalypse and destroy the school. He tells Logan that Evan may become their greatest savior or that he will tread upon their graves.

When not performing missions for X-Force, Deathlok would spend a lot of his time teaching at the school.


Deathlok is later seen with Kid Cable investigating Transia and their access to futuristic weaponry. Due to a malfunctioning image inducer, Deathlok was captured during an attempt to infiltrate the Transian military, forcing Kid Cable to rescue him. After getting rescued by most of the original X-Force, who were tracking Kid Cable to avenge Cable's death, the two groups are forced to join forces after Transia's general assassinated his president and pinned the blame on Kid Cable and Deathlok.[5]

Deathlok Prime (Earth-10511) from X-Force Vol 5 2 001

Deathlok back with X-Force

After capturing a soldier who claims to secretly want to help the mutants who're being oppressed in Transia, X-Force decides to send him and Deathlok to infiltrate the enemy base. Soon after entering it though, Deathlok's cover is blown by the soldier, who runs off while the other soldiers try to subdue Deathlok. After defeating them, Deathlok finds the imprisoned mutants and frees them before being ambushed by Ahab, who subsequently takes his Tachyon Probability Generator for himself. After Ahab is defeated, Deathlok hacks his system to find where Rachel. Unfortunately, Ahab doesn't know where she is, as the Transians took her from him when he arrived, though one of the mutant prisoners says he saw her get taken through the time portal in the base.[6]



Deathlok possesses several superhuman traits due to the synthetic and cybernetic augmentation of his body.

  • Superhuman Strength:
  • Superhuman Speed:
  • Superhuman Stamina:
  • Superhuman Durability:
  • Superhuman Agility: <
  • Superhuman Reflexes:
  • Laser Claws:
  • Repulsor Blast:
  • Molecular Acid:
  • Teleportation:
  • Scanning and Targeting Sensors:
  • Tachyon Transmitter:
  • Tachyon Probability Generator: He can act accurately statistical forecasts of all probable futures.[7]



Body consists of a bionic cybernetic structure.


In addition he has several unique systems of equipment that make him more deadly, he has energy claws like Wolverine and carries an alternate version of Captain America's shield.

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