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Deathstrique was hired by the Dragon King to assassinate the founder of Frost International, Diamond Patch. During the lecture to his patrons, Deathstrique shapeshifted into a woman who was attending there in order to get closer to Patch. She met him at the bar and had a long conversation about how much she adored him and wanted to start a business for herself.

He explained the in and outs of the job to her as she mentioned that she would like a presentation of his mind-reading powers through his claws. He said he could give her a show and tell preview of it. As the both of them went to the top of the building's roof to check out the view, Diamond Patch stabbed her revealing that the woman was actually the assassin Deathstrique who couldn't hold the shape after being clawed. Patch ended up kicking her off the roof saying next time don't use a Gucci knock-off the next time she tries to throw herself at him,[1] a fall which she later noted cost her her life.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Deathstrike and those of Mystique of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Deathstrike of Earth-616 and those of Mystique of Earth-616.


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