The Deathwalker Prime was the result of a ritual performed by the Deathwalkers, which merged them together into one powerful being with all their powers, thus control over a "fifth element," the spirit, which would be used to destroy humankind.[1]

The Deathwalker Prime submitted every human on the world. Luke Cage managed to break free and get the cup used for the ritual to Kaluu. Kaluu used a similar procedure to merge the Mighty Avengers into the Avenger Prime. Unlike the Deathwalker Prime, whose personalities were fighting for total control over the creature, the being forming the Avenger Prime had a stronger bond, and managed to overpower and destroy the Deathwalker with a punch.[2]


Hydrokinesis: Deathwalker Prime can control water, derived from Lichidus.

Geokinesis: Deathwalker Prime can control different types of earth, derived from Cairn.

Aerokinesis: Deathwalker Prime can control air, derived from Viciada.

Pyrokinesis: Deathwalker Prime can control fire, derived from Adur.


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