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Deborah and Donald Ritter are the children of the Eternal Thena and the Deviant Kro. Thena was genetically their mother, but she did not actually give birth to them. A pregnant Thena found a human woman named Mrs. Ritter who could not have children and teleported her twins into the woman's womb.

Thena was forced to reveal the twins' true origins when a creature began murdering sets of twins across the country, searching for the "Chosen Ones", a supposed pair of Eternal-Deviant hybrid. After Thena brought them to Olympia, the creature pursued them and captured them, bringing the twins to Dr. Daniel Damian in Peru where they learned their origins and then where saved by their true parents.[1]

They soon joined their father's team Delta Force.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Gestalt Form: The Ritter twins are able to merge their bodies into a single entity. When this happens, they gained the following powers:

  • Optic Blasts: The gestalt form can project energy from its eyes.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Wings: The Ritter twins also have wings in their gestalt form that allows then to fly.

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