Dr. Deborah Risman was the geneticist who originally created X23. She previously worked for the spy organization Hydra because it gave her limitless boundaries to push genetics to the next level. She was commissioned by them to create the ultimate weapon, based on designs from the Weapon X program. Twenty-two times she failed, then realized Wolverine's healing factor had been what enabled him to survive the Adamantium bonding process.

By unknown methods, some of Wolverine's DNA was obtained and used to create a clone of him. However, the clone's DNA underwent a hormonal imbalance, resulting in a female version of Logan. It was at this point Dr. Risman realized what she had done.

Though she did not approve of Hydra's method of raising X23 which was practically non-existent, save training she stayed without protest to do what she could for the little girl. After she betrayed Hydra and fled, Dr. Risman went straight to S.H.I.E.L.D. to confess her sins to them and Wolverine.[1]


None, Human


Skilled scientific mind

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