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Debra Whitman is an extremely sharp and intellectual young woman. She has long blond hair that she keeps tied back in a ponytail and wears glasses. She is Peter's equal, if not superior in intellect and academia. Peter once described her as "the little sister I never had... or wanted".[citation needed]

At one point, she was a victim of the Vulture's youth-sucking powers, which reduced her to a frail, fragile old woman, fortunately, the effect was not permanent and Debra's youth eventually returned to her.[1]

Debra developed an unlikely attraction to the jockish Flash Thompson, another classmate.[citation needed] However, she also had an infatuation with Michael Morbius who was her lab partner, but he gave her a brush off, though gently as he could, because he was with Felicia Hardy, who later became the Black Cat. She later began work on project to find Morbius in order to reverse engineer neogenics and cure him.[2]

When the project failed,[2] she responded by letting her hair down, both physically and metaphorically, while trying to drown out her sorrows with lots of late night partying. In the end, even Flash had to put his foot down and tell Debra she had to ease up. Eventually, Debra got her act together and resumed her more normal, studious life style though she and Flash are still apparently seeing each other (and possibly easing up more occasionally).[3]

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She is very intelligent.


  • The character appeared in the 1990s Spider-Man: The Animated Series, where she was a prominent supporting character and a love interest to Flash Thompson. Unlike her comic appearance, she has no romantic relationship linking her to Peter, but rather a friendly rivalry. However, she did show interest in Morbius prior to Flash. Although in the comics she is a secretary, in contrast to the largely post-graduate students of the Spectacular title, in the TV series she is Peter's equal, if not superior in intellect and academia.

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