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Quote1 The Celestials observed from within the new cosmos...while we continued maintanence from here. Nothing dies, while we remain--here in the remnants of the Second Cosmos, outside all that is known...and beyond it. Quote2
The Beyonder

Appearing in "Yesod: The Second Cosmos"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Omega Council (Main story and flashback) (Origin revealed)
    • The Beyonder (Origin revealed) (As the Maker in flashback)
    • Unnamed members

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Yesod: The Second Cosmos"

The Beyonder elaborates the origin of the Celestial War, where by the colorful Celestials rebelled against the monochromatic Aspirants zealously loyal to their creator, the First Firmament. The war ended as the First Cosmos was ripped asunder into infinite pieces before reforming into the Second Cosmos, where infinite possibilities as "what if" became "what is". But infinite possibility also meant infinite instability if unchecked, so the Second Cosmos needed maintenance. To aid them, the Celestials created servitor beings, dubbed Omegas, with the raw power to destroy their creators if necessary so as to prevent another Celestial War. However, the Second Cosmos only lived for a few millennia as all it experienced was new sensations, thus it was all too eager to face a new sensation such as all-death. But with that came rebirth, aware of being and non-being, able to form narrative with consciousness. While the Celestials continued to observe from within the Third Cosmos, the Omegas remained in beyond space where once was the Second Cosmos, thus nothing died while they remained. Taaia recalls hearing about "Beyond" theorized in the "before time" of the Sixth Infinity, of the Scienceers who sought first contact with "Un-Finite Life." With her stands Ms. America Chavez, Blue Marvel, Loki, and Tigra as they are greeted by The Omega Council. As Loki so flippantly introduces the group, Blue Marvel advises they put more thought into how they'll deal with them if they are to go face to face with realty's engineers.

Tigra interjects that they cannot be the same Beyond they last encountered those years ago,[1] the Omega before them confirms that he is indeed that Beyonder, willing to narrate as he once did as a child when they first met. When the Molecule Man had his origin, he poked a hold into the Beyonder's womb-space and, like a baby learning only from commercials, smashed everything together to play with.[2] Aching to learn macro-truths but trapped in the microcosm of their reality, he was returned to his forebears to speed-run his growth and evolution until he was ready to join his people in the "engine room" of reality. He agrees with Tigra's fear, having started out "bad" and is likely to do so again, like the Debaser Beyonders that Blue Marvel faced in the past. Blue Marvel then acknowledges that Monica Rambeau was investigating what they left behind,[3] but points out that their targeted destruction of the Seventh Cosmos was not done by rogue Beyonders.[4] The Omega Council deemed the event a "controlled demolition" as a necessary experiment, to which Blue Marvel asks what justifies the destruction of all that exists as "necessary". As the Beyonders are linear by nature, they can still predict what can be from what has been and they wanted to create a firebreak to prevent a coming Dominion. Taaia notes the word dominion as something what Loki said earlier, which the trickster affirms was the case. As the Omega Council concluded their experiment a failure, thus they plan to use the Concordance Engine to contain the threat to a narrow band of realities, but they won't save those realities including the Defender's home reality. Blue Marvel states that humanity shouldn't be underestimated as they have bested their plans before and can help with the enemy, but the Omega Council refuses as they are linear and cannot risk drawing ire from a non-linear threat.

After the Beyonder not-so-subtly directs their path to stop them, Blue Marvel gives America Chavez the Eternity Mask to fight an even footing the Beyonder, inflicting pain on him across several realities and him gleeful for the fun fight. As the head of the Omega Council is confounded by the idea America can fight evenly with Beyonder, Loki distracts him by entrapping him in confined space before he gets free and hunts her down. When hiding for a moment, Tigra notes to Taaia that when Beyonder was confined was when he got mad, as the Omega Councilman defines "mad" and grants violence upon them. Taaia shoves Loki and Tigra out of the way, taking the blast head on while Blue Marvel flies through his head and kills him. Blue Marvel explains to Loki that his being an Anti-Matter reactor killed them because they were wrapped in matter to interface with them. While Taaia feels herself dying, she demands her friends learn what the "Dominion" actually is, and they see a possible way out with Blue Marvel recalling how the Concordance Engines drew power from a "higher" dimension. As Taaia refuses to flee, Blue Marvel signals America they're moving out, but the Beyonder doesn't want them to leave, so Taaia invites him to follow if he chooses. As one of the Omega Council members sees the Beyonder follow and asks if they should follow, another member tells him not to succumb to 'narrative' forces and to let them take the path they chose, leading to the trial by fire. In a white hot space, Taaia flies and a voice speaks life as she nears death. A glowing white figure appeared as Taaia called out in defiance of death, and as the Defenders looked to Taaia, they heard another voice. They see Taaia merge with the Phoenix Force and become its newest host.

Solicit Synopsis

The adventure begins – in the path of the Beyonder? When Loki, Blue Marvel, America Chavez, Taaia and Tigra land rather unexpectedly in the Second Cosmos, they find their lives in the hands of its cosmic overseers – unless Loki can figure out the right trick to save them all.


Continuity Notes[]

Arishem (First Cosmos), Beyonders, First Firmament (First Cosmos), Third Cosmos (Multiverse), and Eternity (Multiverse) from Ultimates 2 Vol 2 6 001

The multiversal cycle and the origin of the "Omegas" from Ultimates 2 (Vol. 2) #6

Omega Council (Multiverse) from Defenders Vol 4 10 001

Several Omegas from Defenders (Vol. 4) #10

Beyonder (Earth-616) from Defenders Beyond Vol 1 2 001

The Beyonder's history

Beyonder (Debaser Unit) (Multiverse) and Jason Quantrell (Earth-616) from Captain America and the Mighty Avengers Vol 1 6 001

An agent of the Beyond Corporation ("debaser unit") listing entities from the Outside from Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #6

Thor Odinson (Earth-616) and Beyonders from New Avengers Vol 3 32 001

A Beyonder confirming that they are behind the death of the Multiverse (Seventh Cosmos) as an "experiment" from New Avengers (Vol. 3) #32

Concordance Engine from Defenders Vol 4 2 001

Prester Omega's Concordance Engine from Defenders (Vol. 4) #2

White Hot Room from Classic X-Men Vol 1 8 002

The Phoenix saving Jean Grey from Classic X-Men #8

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