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Quote1 Another exciting non-team-up for the Defenders. Let's all have shawarma sometime. Quote2
King Namor the Sub-Mariner

Appearing in "The Throne, the Power, the Damned and the Devil"

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Synopsis for "The Throne, the Power, the Damned and the Devil"

Future Doctor Strange's astral form recruits Hulk and they go kidnap two leopard-headed soul stock brokers who borrowed a bunch of Earth souls from Mephisto, with the intent to pay him back once Earth is destroyed by the cosmic train. Strange then stuffs the souls of the two soul brokers into Nebulon, who is manipulating the train's controller to his own ends. Hulk beats up Nebulon, then Strange stuffs the wily soul brokers into Nebulon to make the real controller spasm. This knocks planet Vodan into empty space, so Namor and Silver Surfer team up to create a wormhole to teleport Vodan to a sun. But, Silver Surfer needs energy, so the Vodani princess sacrifices herself to power Silver Surfer. Then, this wormhole not only saves Vodan, but also moves the train slightly off-course, saving the Earth. Then, to top things off, Mephisto shows up to eat the souls of the two soul brokers, who are inside Nebulon, so Mephisto eats Nebulon. This sets the train back to it’s normal course, and everyone goes back home except for Doctor Strange, who has been kidnapped by Mephisto. However, he has a plan.

Solicit Synopsis


• The lost Atlanteans. The Train. The bedsheet man. Dead Steve. The Stock Exchange of Souls. Trust us, it all makes sense.

• In fact, it makes enough sense to destroy our entire solar system… Unless four very different heroes can come together to stop it.

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