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Entering the dream of a disturbed man, Dr. Strange saw a reunion with the Defenders. Soon later, Hulk appeared at his house asking for his help in stopping a great menace. Nul, the Serpent's Breaker of Worlds, was released from Hulk's body during a fight against Dracula and the vampires and was destroying the world. Dr. Strange gathered Iron Fist, Namor, Silver Surfer and the Red She-Hulk and went on a mission trying to save mankind.

John planned to lure Nul into attacking a Concordance Engine guarded by Prester Omega. The Defenders defeated him after Omega destroyed Nul. The energies of the Engine affected them, leaving them bound together and to the Engine, and unable to speak about it. They took the Engine and Prester Omega to Doctor Strange's home.

The Defenders found the wreckage of the Nautilus, accidentally releasing the Daughters of Pontus. They found another Concordance Engine inside. The Immortal Weapons were killed by Prince of Orphans, who had a history with the Engines, as did Iron Fist's predecessor, Orson Randall.

The Defenders journeyed to Wakanda on their way to Z'Gambo, home of the Prince of Orphans. After Aman broke the ceasefire between the two nations, T'Challa was seriously wounded and the Defenders invaded Z'Gambo. They were confronted by Aman, and then aided by the Black Cat, who stole the third of King Solomon's Frogs from Aman. They defeated Aman, only for him to reveal that the three Frogs were parts of another Concordance Engine, which he used to blast the Defenders away.

They emerged in an alternate reality, and decided to recruit Nick Fury to help them. However, HYDRA intervened, and the Silver Surfer convinced Prester Omega to teleport them away once more.

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