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Quote1 Fish-Man is hurt -- and Hulk cannot help him. Hulk hates to say it -- But Hulk needs you. Quote2
Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Appearing in "I Slay by the Stars!"

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Synopsis for "I Slay by the Stars!"

Brief Summary:
The Hulk comes across an unconscious Namor, trapped in an energy shield. He seeks out Doctor Strange for help and the two meet Necrodamus, servant of the Undying Ones. Necrodamus plans to sacrifice Namor when the stars are aligned, but the Defenders find a way to revive Namor and delay their foe long enough for the stars to pass alignment. Necrodamus disappears and Namor reveals that the Silver Surfer was the one who knocked him out.

Defenders Vol 1 1 001

Detailed Summary:
While stalking through the woods, the Hulk is suddenly stopped by the Sub-Mariner who falls out of the sky. Finding the prince of the sea unconscious and trapped in a strange energy shield, Hulk travels into New York to seek the aid of Doctor Strange, the only person the brute thinks can help him.

Taking Strange back to Namor's body, they meet Necrodamus who reveals to them that he has brought them all together on the orders of the Undying Ones. He plans to sacrifice Namor when the stars are in the right alignment. He then vanishes, promising to return, and leaving Strange and Hulk to figure out how to save their ally. They cannot find a way to free him and soon the Sub-Mariner mysteriously disappears. Searching the area, they enter a cave and find Necrodamus and Namor. Necrodamus is waiting for the precise star alignment to sacrifice Namor to the Undying Ones.

Hulk attacks Necrodamus, who has now grown in size and strength, but the foe is able to strike back with his mystical dagger. Meanwhile, Strange is able to awaken Namor, who then breaks free from the inside. The two come to the Hulk's aid and delay Necrodamus long enough for him to miss the star's alignment. Failing to make the sacrifice at the right time, he disappears but promises to return.

After the battle, Namor explains that he was actually struck down by the Silver Surfer. This surprises Doctor Strange and the Defenders set out to search for the sentinel of the spaceways.

Solicit Synopsis

The Hulk! Sub-Mariner! Dr. Strange! Together again, against the man called Necrodamus! Off-beat!



  • This issue contains a letters page, Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from Charles Meyerson, Frank Balazs, and Charles A. Grabet.

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