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Synopsis for "...Rising..."

Following their battle with Ian Fate, Dr. Strange and the Beast return to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum and enlist the aid of Mr. Fantastic to deal with the Beast's problem: restoring Beast's girlfriend Vera Cantor from the brink of death following her exposure to the Resurrection Stone following her poisoning at the hands of a Skrull[1]. With the stone having been smashed to bits by the Beast, the furry mutant had come to Dr. Strange for assistance. After both mystical and scientific means fail to restore Vera to life Dr. Strange comes to a potentially deadly conclusion: They must travel into the world within the fragments of the slowly reassembling Resurrection Stone.

While in Arizona, Daimon Hellstrom is put through the final test to see if he is worth of ruling next to his father: Sacrifice an innocent human child. Daimon is about to dash the child's brains out with a rock when he suddenly falters and find that he cannot do it. Much to his surprise this was only a final test and what he thought was a baby infant was a disguised demon. Furious that his son could not bring himself to commit the ultimate travesty Satan lashes out at him and tells his son that he must now suffer the consequences.

Back at Dr. Strange's Sanctum, the preparations are made and Dr. Strange uses his magical powers to transport himself, Beast and Mr. Fantastic into the world within the Resurrection Stone. They find themselves in a crystalized world and must protect themselves faced with crystal creatures in the shape of giant lizards. They easily manage to destroy them and realize too late that the attack was only meant to test their abilities and the keeper of this realm has now found them.

In Arizona, Son of Satan is forced has been forced to be the martyr in a blasphemous version of the Stations of the Cross, carrying a crucifix made out of the bodies of demons while being stoned by his fathers minions. When they reach the cliff where he is to be crucified, Daimon devices to revolt against his fathers wishes and fights off the demons that would nail him up on this perverse cross.

Meanwhile, within the Resurrection Stone, Strange, Fantastic and Beast are face to face with the Giver of Life, the living force within the Resurrection Stone. The being refuses to use it's power to restore Vera and becomes upset when it learns that the Beast was the being that destroyed it. It's tears fall on Dr. Strange and Mr. Fantastic causing them to turn into crystal. It then sends it's minions to try and capture the Beast, but he proves too agile until a rain of the Giver's tears turn him into crystal as well.

Daimon Hellstrom has been transported to Hell and is once more before his father where the Son of Satan renounces joining his father. Satan explains to Daimon that this was his intention all along, that the struggle between good and evil must always be a balance as it is the way of things and even though it sickens him to see his own flesh and blood work for the forces of good it is necessary for this balance. Disgusted at the sight of his rebellious son, Satan sends him away. Son of Satan finds himself transported back to Dr. Strange's Sanctum where he is drawn to the Resurrection Stone. Finding it a manipulative source he smashes it against the ground causing Richards, Strange and the Beast to be returned to Earth and restored back to normal. Now free Dr. Strange decides that the Resurrection Stone is too much of a danger and uses his magic to scatter it's fragments all over the universe. The Beast's hopes of restoring Vera are dashed until Daimon Hellstrom offers to use his Satanic powers to try and heal her.

With no other choices left, Beast allows for it and to the astonishment of all gathered the Son of Satan succeeds in restoring Vera to life. As the dawn rises it is truly a miracle as it is Christmas Day.

This story is continued in Captain America #268....


  • Inks: figures by Sinnott (figures), uncredited backgrounds by Milgrom, additional backgrounds by unknown.
  • This issue suggests that Satan (Marduk Kurios), Satannish, Thog, and Mephisto are all the same beings -- however it is later identified that they are separate beings and at times they have merged together into a single being to sow more confusion upon their enemies.
  • Satannish previously appeared in Defenders 100. He will appear next in Marvel Team-Up 126.

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