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Synopsis for "The War to End All Wars!"

Story continued from Captain America #268...

Dr. Strange is struck by a strong mental cry for help from Mindy Williams informing him that his fellow Defenders Nighthawk, Hellcat, Valkyrie, Gargoyle and their colleague Captain America are prisoners of August Masters, a man bent on using kidnapped telepaths to launch World War III against Russia. The cry is so powerful it momentarily weakens Dr. Strange. However he realizes the urgency and calls forth his allies to help out. Answering the call are the Son of Satan and the Beast. The latter of the two runs into Daredevil along the way who is heading toward Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum to tell Dr. Strange of the capture of his fellow Defenders, unaware that Strange would be already be aware of it.

Scanning Daredevil's mind and also learning the location of August Masters and his goals to use the psychics to kill everyone in Russia, Dr. Strange and his three allies fly off to Masters hidden base in the Colorado mountains. There, Kyle Richmond is shown by August the device that the psychics are hooked up to and explains this insane plane to kill everyone in Russia. In order to keep Kyle from trying anything he shows to the crippled hero that his allies Captain America and his fellow Defenders are his captive.

Dr. Strange, Son of Satan, Beast and Daredevil arrive just outside August's base and Daredevil tracks the location of the secret complex with his radar senses. When Hellstrom attempts to burn through to the underground complex with his hellfire they soon learn that the base is protected by Adamantium. Their attempt at intrusion does not go unnoticed and when a team of guards come out to investigate the heroes use the opportunity to infiltrate their ranks by disguising themselves as guards using Dr. Strange's magic. When Masters notices that there were more guards coming back then there were going out he demands a roll call. The Beast exposes himself to create confusion so that the others can escape and look for their captured friends and bring down Masters operation.

Dr. Strange finds the control room where the attack on Russia is being planned and he attempts to put the technicians there under his thrall however he is attacked by behind and knocked out shattering his illusion. This would happen as Son of Satan finds Kyle Richmond, who is in a strange trance. Daimon tries to go after him when his illusion disappears and he is forced to fight off Masters men who rush him. Daredevil's disguise fails him just as he and the Beast locate the captured heroes and they also must fight of minions of August Masters as well.

Richmond enters the control room, where the psychics use their telepathic powers through him to knock out the guards. When Masters catches Kyle in the control room he arrives to late to stop him from activating the self destruct sequence. Now in a stand off with Richmond, August has no time to stop the countdown or free himself. When Dr. Strange revives, Kyle uses his newfound powers to push Strange out of the room to stop him from preventing his sacrifice. Dr. Strange then uses his teleportation powers to try and get all the heroes out of the complex. Once they are clear of the base it explodes. When the chaos is over they all notice that missing among their numbers are Kyle and the psychics. Strange sheds a single tear for his friend whom seemingly sacrificed himself to stop a horrible atrocity from happening.


  • Inks (story pages): Milgrom page 1, Rick Magyar page 2?, Trapani pages 3, 5-20, 22, Abel pages 4 & 21.
  • The psychics that seemingly die in this issue, survive in the form of a combined consciousness that is later absorbed by the Overmind. August Masters also manages to survive to plague the Defenders in later issues.
  • Kyle Richmond is believed dead, however he actually ends up brain-dead and in a coma until he is restored by Mephisto in the Nighthawk (1998) limited series.

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