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Synopsis for "Vengeance! Cries the Valkyrie!"

In Asgard, the Valkyrie—now restored to her true body—challenges the Enchantress and asks her fellow Defenders to stay out of the battle. Dr. Strange constructs a barrier to keep the Enchantress from using her magic to escape. While Valkyrie pits her fury and strength against Enchantress’ magic, Strange, Gargoyle, Beast, and Spider-Man battle her harpy servants. Beast realizes that harpies are from Greek, nor Norse, mythology, and the defeated harpies turn out to be Asgardian women transformed by Enchantress’ sorcery. As Valkyrie begins to transform into a tree due to Enchantress’ magic, she manages to gain control of the Globe of Souls, where her own spirit had remained a prisoner of the Enchantress for centuries, and sucks Enchantress’ spirit into it. Rather than smash the Globe and destroy the Enchantress, Valkyrie decides to keep her a prisoner and gives the Globe to Dr. Strange for safekeeping. As the Defenders depart for Earth, Val stays behind to confront Odin and ask why he had forsaken her for so many centuries. Odin explains that he was preoccupied with the coming of the Celestials and had to make plans to stop them. He asks Brunnhilde to forgive him, and she says that she cannot forgive him, but she can finally accept him as he is—a god who is capable of making mistakes. Back on Earth, Dr. Strange tries to bring Hellcat, Namor, Hulk, and Son of Satan back from the alien world the Enchantress had abandoned them on. Hellcat returns, but some mysterious force pulls the other three Defenders away and drops them in another dimension. Strange vows to search for them, while Spider-Man and Gargoyle depart, and Hellcat decides to search for her father to determine if he is really Satan. Dr. Strange eventually tracks down the missing Defenders to an alternate Earth, where he finds them with someone who claims to be Nighthawk, alive and in a new costume.

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