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Synopsis for "Strange Visitor from Another Planet!"

The Beast invites the Vision and Scarlet Witch to have dinner with the Defenders when they are summoned by Dr. Strange, who transports them all a parallel world called Earth-S. It is here that Strange found Hulk, Sub-Mariner, and Son of Satan—who had been teleported there by Hyperion. Valkyrie assumes that Hyperion is the same villain from her Earth, who is part of the Squadron Sinister. Having been to Earth-S before, the Vision and Beast explain that this Hyperion is part of the Squadron Supreme, a similar group of heroes currently comprised of Hyperion, Power Princess, Doctor Spectrum, Whizzer, Golden Archer, Lady Lark, Cap’n Hawk, Amphibian, Tom Thumb, Arcanna, and Nuke. The Avengers had previously liberated the Squadron from the mental control of the Serpent Crown, which had been worn by their President, Nelson Rockefeller. After that, the Squadron’s Nighthawk, a.k.a. Kyle Richmond of Earth-S, had been elected the new President but soon feel under the control of the alien Over-Mind. Richmond claimed that the FBI and CIA had uncovered a foreign conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government from within, which was a ruse to fool the public. Over-Mind also took control of the Squadron members, except for Hyperion who teleported to safety. But Hyperion soon discovered that President Richmond had accused him of being a foreign spy, so no one would believe his story. With the power of the Over-Mind and the Squadron, the USA soon conquered the other nations of the world. Weakened by Argonite poisoning, Hyperion sought to transport the Avengers to Earth-S for help but accidentally brought the Defenders instead. Although Nighthawk has no knowledge of how he came to Earth-S after the destruction of August Masters’ base (nor does he know that Masters was also brought there), he has agreed to help and convinces the other Defenders to join him. With Earth under his control, the Over-Mind constructs a base on the Moon with rockets intended to conquer other planets as well.

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