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Synopsis for "Moon Madness!"

August Masters finds himself on Earth-S where Kyle Richmond is the President of the United States, which has conquered the rest of the world. Seeing his own vision of U.S. dominance corrupted, Masters decides to assassinate Richmond. Meanwhile, Son of Satan’s healing powers cure Hyperion of his Argonite poisoning, and the Defenders make plans to stop the Over-Mind. Without Galactus’ barrier to hold him back on this world, Silver Surfer flies the Vision to the Moon, where they attack Over-Mind’s base and are confronted by the brainwashed Squadron Supreme. Suddenly, the other Defenders are transported to the moon by a being of psychic energy that resembles Mindy Williams and is comprised of the minds of her and the other telepaths who were fused together in the explosion that destroyed Masters’ base. “Mindy” claims to have sent Nighthawk to Earth-S to save him from the explosion. The Defenders defeat the Squadron but are no match for the power of the Over-Mind. Suddenly, Masters shows up and shoots President Richmond, and the Over-Mind falls. Something dark beings to rise from the President’s body, which is soon revealed as…Null, the Living Darkness!


  • Plot by DeMatteis and Perlin, script by DeMatteis.

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