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Nighthawk realizes that he is not the Kyle Richmond from the Defenders, but his Earth-S counterpart. Over-Mind explains that the telepaths whose minds now possess his body attempted to save the other Nighthawk from the explosion at August Masters’ base by telepathically “pushing” him over to Earth-S, but they were unfamiliar with their combined power after being fused together in the explosion, so they accidentally brought Masters there instead. One of the telepaths was Mindy Williams, Kyle’s former girlfriend—and out of love for him, she implanted Kyle’s memories onto his Earth-S counterpart, whose consciousness had already been destroyed when the Over-Mind and Null took control of his mind. Later, Hyperion prepares to teleport the Defenders and August Masters (who has been driven insane by his experience) back to their own Earth. Although Dr. Strange tells Nighthawk that he will always be welcome in the Defenders, a bitter President Richmond wants nothing more to do with them. As the Defenders are being sent back home, an insect causes a glitch in the Squadron Supreme’s teleporter, sending Namor, Valkyrie, Gargoyle, and Beast somewhere a place called “Here.” The inhabitants are a bunch of furry animals and other creatures that talk in rhymes. The Mayor, who is called Greeneggs, and his assistant, Annham, explain that they are at war with the neighboring land called “There,” which is ruled by the evil Easyread. The Defenders’ coming was foretold by a prophecy in an ancient book. Greeneggs and his people want to get into Easyread’s castle to talk to him and find out why he has declared war on them, but the castle is guarded by a monster named Thornton and they need the Defenders’ help to get past him. A frustrated Namor, believing that this is all some sort of mad delusion, refuses to help, which makes the denizens of Here begin to cry. Namor explains that they only want to go home, so Greeneggs tells them that there is a pair of magic Ruby Sneakers in Easyread’s castle that can take them anywhere they want to go. Meanwhile, on Earth, Kyle Richmond’s nurse, Luann Bloom, believes that the Defenders are somehow responsible for his death. She goes to a dark alley to meet someone who claims he can give her the proof she needs, but she is surprised when her informant turns out to be—an Elf! Back in the land of Here, the Defenders face Thornton, a large creature who says that he only wants to be their neighbor. Thornton’s body is composed of some sticky substance, which traps the Defenders and forces them to listen to his long stories. While the Defenders begin to fall asleep from boredom, Greeneggs and Annham manage to sneak into the castle, where they confront Easyread, who wears a large hat and has a major speech-impediment. They give Easyread a spanking until he promises to call off the war. Afterwards, the Defenders are released and find out that the reason Easyread declared war on the land of Here was because they call his land “There”, while his people refer to it as “Here” and the other land as “There.” Namor is outraged, even when they give him the Ruby Sneakers, and refuses to wear them until Greeneegs explains that they only come in his size. Putting on the sneakers, Namor holds hands with the other Defenders and clicks them together while saying, “There’s no place like the place I came from before I came Here.” The four Defenders arrive on Earth mere seconds after Dr. Strange and the others, convincing Namor that the entire incident never happened and was a hallucination he and his companions shared, until the Gargoyle points out the Ruby Sneakers still on his feet.

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