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Believing that Kyle Richmond is now truly dead, the Defenders attend a small ceremony where Dr. Strange lights an eternal flame in his honor. Over-Mind creates the illusion of Mindy Williams, who tells Kyle that she will always love him. Over-Mind decides that he cannot move forward in life without putting the pasts of the various telepaths who share his combined psyche behind him. Dr. Strange and the Gargoyle agree to accompany him on his quest, while Valkyrie and Hellcat go off to talk. First, Over-Mind seeks out the childhood friends and parents of Philip Leguin, only to be rejected because they all believe he is dead. Meanwhile, the Elf takes Luann Bloom on a wild ride. Valkyrie thwarts a robbery, but Hellcat is unaccustomed to her new lust for battle and tries to leave. When Val confronts her, Hellcat says that she has become like a stranger. Val explains that the Valkyrie she knew—the one who dwelled within Barbara Norriss’ mortal body and became Patsy Walker’s best friend—is still a part of her, and they embrace. Over-Mind next journeys to the Bronx, where Ursula Richards grew up. Ursula spent so many years studying and working to get out of the ghetto that she never had time for a real life. Angry, Over-Mind starts to destroy the abandoned tenement buildings, almost killing two children playing inside who are rescued by Dr. Strange. After moving on from one past life to another, Over-Mind has learned to let go of the past but realizes that he will need friends to help him get through the future. Valkyrie and Hellcat return and, along with Dr. Strange and Gargoyle, welcome Over-Mind into the Defenders.

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