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Synopsis for "The Double!"

After being gone for a year, Son of Satan tries to return to his old life as Daimon Hellstrom, head of parapsychology at District University in Georgetown, D.C. However, when he arrives, he finds another Daimon Hellstrom teaching his old classes. This double is also married to Hellstrom’s longtime female companion, Seripha Thames. Hellstrom confronts his double and the two battle, with the double proving himself stronger. Hellstrom begins to have doubts as to which of them is the real Son of Satan. Meanwhile, the Elf brings Luann Bloom to the end of time, where she faces the Tribunal. Overpowered by his double, Hellstrom contemplates surrendering since his own life seems meaningless, but his love for Patsy Walker gives him the strength to fight on to victory. Hellstrom’s double is revealed as a demonic doppelganger, who remained behind when Satan took Hellstrom back to Hell and decided to take over his life on Earth. Hellstrom is about to dispatch the demon when Seripha reveals that she knew who his double really was but still fell in love with him. The demon decides to abandon Hellstrom’s identity and create a new life for he and his wife elsewhere, while a dejected Son of Satan realizes that a lowly demon found more happiness living his life than he ever has.

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