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Quote1.png A true Defender never raises arms against an innocent, no matter how they threaten you-- Quote2.png
Stephen Strange

Appearing in "The Titan Strikes Back!"

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Synopsis for "The Titan Strikes Back!"

Wandering in the woods, the Hulk is attacked by Xemnu the Titan, who has once again returned to Earth. Using it's vast mental powers, Xemnu knocks the Hulk out with a telekinetic barrage of debris from the forest, however before passing out, the Hulk is able to send out a mystic summons to Dr. Strange for help.

Back in New York, at Dr. Strange's Sanctum, Strange presents Valkyrie with a new sword -- Dragon Fang -- to replace the loss of the Ebony Blade which she relinquished to the Black Knight. Receiving the Hulk's distress call, Strange and Val travel to the town of Plucketville, run by mayor Amois Moses.

Strange and Val then notice that the towns people are not what they seem, and soon discover that Moses is really a disguised Xemnu who is plotting to fly the people of Plucketville to be host bodies to a new race of Titans. Freeing the Hulk, a battle erupts between Xemnu and the Defenders. In the aftermath, Xemnu's plot is foiled, and as Xemnu tries to escape the Hulk throws the alien's rocket at him causing an explosion that seemingly kills Xemnu.

Afterwards, the thankful Hulk considers "dumb magician" his friend and the three Defenders depart for home.


  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Jetter pages 2-19.
  • First appearance of Kyle Richmond aka "Nighthawk", since 1970. He will become a longstanding member of the Defenders.
  • Doctor Strange explains the legend of Dragonfang this issue by explaining that Kahji Da slew a dragon and "thjen carved this enchanted weapon from one of the creature's tusks".
  • This issue contains a letters page, Defender Dialogue. Letters are published from Eugene Mills, Russel West, and M.C. Boatner.


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