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A discouraged and disheveled Son of Satan manages to reach a monastery, where he is nursed back to health by his old mentor, Father Raymond Gossett. Hellstrom explains that he has had no purpose in his life since conquering the power of his Darksoul. He is in love with Patsy Walker, but he wonders how he can offer himself to her when he no longer knows who he is? Father Gossett tells Hellstrom that he has always believed in him, but Hellstrom must learn to believe in himself. Hellstrom stays at the monastery and is befriended by Brother Joshua, who came there after losing his memory, and was nurtured back to health by the monks. Meanwhile, Patsy has a psychic vision warning her that Hellstrom is in trouble. At the monastery, Hellstrom begins to find inner peace, but he also begins to have mysterious convulsions that are somehow connected to Brother Joshua. Hellstrom sees that Joshua has some strange inner power, but decides to keep it between them so they can find the answers together. However, when Joshua is ready to take the vows to become a monk, he suddenly remembers that he is the Miracle Man, whose memory was wiped by the Indian mystics called the Cheemuzwa. As Hellstrom starts having more convulsions, Miracle Man turns Father Gossett into a statue and the other monks into dust. Despite his pain, Son of Satan tries to fight the Miracle Man, but the villain manages to steal the power of his Darksoul. It was Hellstrom’s Darksoul that was calling to Joshua, awakening him from his amnesia and stirring the power within him. After Hellstrom spent so much time fighting and suppressing his Darksoul, it sought a new host. As the other Defenders rush to the rescue in their borrowed Quinjet, the Miracle Man stands triumphant over the Son of Satan.

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