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As the Defenders’ borrowed Quinjet arrives at the monastery, giant statues suddenly appear in front of them at every turn, causing them to crash. An ice-monster appears next, but Valkyrie chops it down with her sword, accidentally causing it to fall on Over-Mind. As the Beast criticizes their teamwork, Valkyrie suggests that perhaps she should be in charge instead. Inside the monastery, the Defenders find the Miracle Man celebrating with the other monks — all of whom are entranced. When they find out that Miracle Man has turned Father Gossett and Son of Satan into statues, he restores them to normal. Miracle Man claims that, while he temporarily lost control of himself when his powers were restored, he has now found inner balance and has decided to use his power to make the world a better place. Hellstrom reveals that Miracle Man is now in possession of his Darksoul, but Miracle Man claims that — unlike Hellstrom — he can control it. To demonstrate, Miracle Man transforms a poor village on the island of Java into a paradise. The Defenders debate about whether Miracle Man’s intentions are good or whether he is interfering with a divine plan. However, when a proud villager refuses to let Miracle Man cure his blindness because it would be against the will of his gods, Miracle Man tries to force the blind man to beg for his help. Realizing that he is a madman who must be stopped, the Defenders battle the Miracle Man but are quickly defeated. Hellstrom realizes that there is only one way to stop Miracle Man: he calls out to his Darksoul and asks it to return to his body. Hellstrom explains that Miracle Man is still a man and has the spark of goodness within him, which will eventually cause him to reject the Darksoul. Hellstrom promises to give the Darksoul free reign within him and to return to Hell where they will rule at his father’s side. The Darksoul accepts Hellstrom’s proposal, but as it leaves Miracle Man’s body, Hellcat and Over-Mind use their psychic powers to force it into the body of a common snake.


  • Plot by DeMatteis and Perlin, script by DeMatteis.
  • No colouring credit.

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