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Synopsis for "Things to Come"

With the Darksoul gone, Miracle Man reverts to the meek Brother Joshua and is welcomed back to the monastery. Hellcat tells Daimon that she loves him, and now that he is no longer the Son of Satan, the two decide to get married and move to California. Their announcement meets with mixed reactions from the other Defenders. Most are happy at the news, but Patsy’s housekeeper, Dolly Donahue isn’t sure she approves, while Valkyrie is upset that her best friend will be leaving her. Dolly comes around, especially when Patsy says that she plans to send for Dolly as soon as she and Daimon are settled. Valkyrie flies off on Aragorn to brood. Meanwhile, the Hulk, Sub-Mariner, and the Silver Surfer all arrive at Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, claiming that Strange summoned them. However, it turns out that they were all deceived by the Elf With A Gun, who shoots them. As Patsy and Daimon depart from the Defenders, Patsy sees Valkyrie on a rooftop wishing her well. The Beast gets two new roommates when he buys a dog named Sassafrass and gets a visit from his old X-Men partner, the Iceman. Valkyrie continues to brood over Hellcat’s departure and the lack of a loved one in her own life when she is suddenly summoned back to Asgard by Odin. With school out, Iceman had no purpose in his life, which is why he came to visit Beast. They go out to dinner with Gargoyle, Dolly, and the Over-Mind when Vera shows up with some friends. It turns out that Beast forgot about their date that night, so she breaks up with him. Beast begins to reconsider their relationship and realizes that what brings him the most fulfillment is being part of a team like the X-Men or Avengers and making a difference in the world. Although he is a Defender now, he is uncomfortable with the group’s “non-team” status. Dolly suggests that, if he wants it to be a real team, why not make it one? The Beast starts thinking…

Solicit Synopsis

The Iceman Cometh! Hellcat and the Son of Satan Goeth! And for you action lovers, you'll be knocked off your pins as-- the Beast gets a dog and picks up his old mail!!!

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