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Synopsis for "Of Elves and Androids!"

The Elf takes the original Defenders — Dr. Strange, the Hulk, the Sub-Mariner, and the Silver Surfer — on a journey through the timestream. Back on Earth, Beast, Iceman, and Gargoyle go to visit Vision and Scarlet Witch. Beast has hopes of getting them to join the new team he is contemplating. Meanwhile, Valkyrie returns to Asgard, where Odin asks her to take charge of Moondragon. The other Defenders have dinner at the Vision and Scarlet Witch’s house, where they are attacked by three villains who seek to capture the Vision—Cloud, Seraph, and Harridan. Cloud suffocates the Scarlet Witch by turning into a cloud, Harridan’s touch causes the Beast and Iceman to rapidly age, while Seraph places the Vision in a trance. The villains are about to make off with the Vision when Gargoyle, whose body cannot age, defeats Harridan and chases the other two off. Gargoyle overheard Harridan mention that they worked for the Secret Empire. Meanwhile, the Elf brings the original Defenders to the 24th Century. They find that the Earth has become a barren wasteland, and the Elf claims they are to blame!

Solicit Synopsis

Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer, and the Submariner are trapped in time and must relive the most traumatic points in their lives-- and this time they might not survive.


  • Cover pencils and colours by Plunkett, inks by Sienkiewicz.


  • With no explanation, Over-Mind disappears from the Defenders this issue, and no one notices.
  • On the Quinjet, Gargoyle reads Henry Miller's novel Tropic of Cancer.

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