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Appearing in "Hello, I Must Be Going. (or... Mad Dogs and Elvishmen!)"

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Synopsis for "Hello, I Must Be Going. (or... Mad Dogs and Elvishmen!)"

The original Defenders—Dr. Strange, Hulk, Sub-Mariner, and Silver Surfer—determine that the Tribunal are what they claim to be and have been telling them the truth, but they request more evidence to understand how they are responsible for the destruction of Earth. The Tribunal shows them more of the future, in which aliens who came to Earth mysteriously committed suicide after battling the Defenders. These aliens were part of a war-like race called the Kamado from the planet Mikkaz. Their Prince Ch’kra was the son of their ruler, King Ch’kri, who had disowned Ch’kra for rejecting war and embracing a peaceful lifestyle. Prince Ch’kra fled Mikkraz with his followers and was pursued by the Kamado Empire and their allies wherever they went. When they landed on Earth and were confronted by the Defenders, they assumed their foes had been sent by the Empire to return them to Mikkraz. Knowing they would be tortured if they were brought back to the Empire, they chose to kill themselves. Fifty years later, King Ch’kri learned about the circumstances of his son’s death and chose a new heir to inherit rule of the Empire. However, the Kamado tradition is for the new heir to wipe away any record of the previous heir’s existence. Since Ch’kra and his followers died on Earth, the Empire destroyed all life on the planet. The Defenders vow to prevent these events from happening, but the Tribunal has examined all possible futures and claims that the tragedy cannot be prevented as long as the four remain Defenders, because their combined lifelines will somehow result in the future they have been shown. Back on Earth, Valkyrie returns to the Defenders with Moondragon, who has been placed in Valkyrie’s charge by Odin so that she may learn humility. Due to her past abuse of her mental powers, Moondragon is forced to wear a headband that restricts the use of that power. Having worked with Moondragon in the Avengers, the Beast is not happy about her arrival. However, he and Iceman are both thrilled to see their old X-Men partner, the Angel, who came to visit. Their housekeeper, Dolly Donahue, announces that Patsy Walker and Daimon Hellstrom are getting married that weekend, so they need to start getting ready. Their conversation is overheard by Patsy’s ex-husband, Buzz Baxter—now known as Mad Dog—who has been given super powers by the Secret Empire and plans to crash the wedding. Angel explains that he had been doing some soul-searching since being captured by the Morlocks’ leader, Callisto, but he has regained his confidence. Beast announces his intentions to make the Defenders a real team and invites Angel, Iceman, Valkyrie, and Gargoyle to be a part of it. Moondragon refuses, but Beast says that she wasn’t invited. While the other Defenders contemplate the Beast’s offer, they all fly to Patsy and Daimon’s wedding, where the ceremony is interrupted by Mad Dog and Mutant Force, who were recruited to help him by the Secret Empire. Mad Dog seeks revenge on his ex-wife, but Moondragon staggers him with a psychic blast, enabling Hellstrom to defeat him. The rest of the Defenders make short work of the Mutant Force, and the ceremony continues. The Beast points out that they all worked well together, and he again asks them to be part of his new team. Everyone agrees, including Moondragon, whom Beast reluctantly accepts into the team. Suddenly, the four original Defenders arrive at the wedding, and since they are forced to disband, they give their blessings to the “New” Defenders.

Solicit Synopsis

It's the one we've been leading up to. To save the world, the Defenders must... break up! But from the ashes rises a new team! Would you believe... the Ex X-Men!? Also, Hellcat's wedding! The debut of Mad Dog! And the Mutant Force returns! Whew! So much action we took 48 pages to tell it!

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