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Appearing in "For Sale: One Planet -- Slightly Used!"

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Synopsis for "For Sale: One Planet -- Slightly Used!"

Nighthawk drops in on the Defenders, and after a brief battle he informs them of the events that brought him to Dr. Strange's Sanctum: He and the rest of the Squadron Sinister were restored and gathered by the mysterious alien being known as Nebulon who was seeking super-powered beings to "sell" the Earth to him. The Squadron then agreed to build a device that would melt the Earth's polar ice-caps and flood the planet as part of the conditions of sale. Finding such a plan too horrible, Nighthawk refused and was banished from the meeting however Nebulon insured that he could not warn the Avengers, making Nighthawk invisible to Earth's mightiest heroes. Overhearing them speaking of the Defenders, Nighthawk would instead seek their aid.

Needing extra muscle on this mission, Dr. Strange teleports Namor to their side, and the group battles to stop the Squadron Sinister from activating the device, however in the course of the battle they are trapped in a mystic bubble by Nebulon.


  • Doctor Spectrum's power prism was destroyed in Iron Man Vol 1 66 (where Doctor Spectrum was last seen). In this issue, Nebulon has recreated it.
  • This issue features a letters page, Defenders Dialogue. Letters are published from Mike Fanning, Hugh P. Simons, Jr., K.J. Robbins, and Ron Bain. The letters page also features a Series "A' Marvel Value Stamp Vol 1 86 Zemo.


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