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Synopsis for "And in the End!"

The Valkyrie and Moondragon grab onto Professor Power’s rocket as it launches, intending to stop it from placing a satellite in space that will beam subliminal messages to the USA and USSR and encourage a third World War. Moondragon uses her mental powers to destroy the rocket while telekinetically pushing herself and Valkyrie away from the explosion. Angel and Gargoyle then catch them as they fall. The Defenders make short work of Mad Dog and the Mutant Force, as Professor Power escapes, and Nick Fury arrives to pick up the pieces. Cloud wants revenge on Seraph, who was present when the Secret Empire killed her parents, but Moondragon talks her out of it. Back at the Aerie, the Defenders are surprised to find Power holding Candy Southern and Dolly Donahue. The Defenders prove to be no match for Power, until Moondragon uses a psychic attack to destroy his mind. Cloud moves into the Aerie, and Beast announces that the team has been granted official government clearance by Nick Fury.

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