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Synopsis for "If This Be Walrus...!"

Mad scientist Humbert Carpenter has been experimenting on his nephew, Hubert, for 10 years in an attempt to give him superhuman powers so he can become rich and famous. Finally, Humbert succeeds in giving Hubert the proportionate strength of a walrus. Meanwhile, the Beast is scheduled to give a lecture at Brooklyn University and brings Angel and Iceman along for support. Having heard about the lecture, the fabulous Frog-Man decides to attend. As the Beast delivers his lecture, Frog-Man springs onto the stage. Thinking the Beast is under attack, Angel and Iceman change into their costumes, but Frog-Man explains that he is on the side of justice and has come to join the Defenders. Hubert, now calling himself the Walrus, goes on a rampage through the city, but his uncle to directs him to go to the university and kill the Beast, which is bound to get them on the Phil Donahue Show. Back at the university, the crowd turns on the Defenders when they tell Frog-Man that he isn’t ready to join the team. Suddenly, the Walrus smashes through the wall and confronts the Defenders. His uncle instructs Hubert to kill all of the Defenders, which will get them on Johnny Carson’s show for sure. The Defenders attack the Walrus one-on-one, while trying to keep Frog-Man out of harm’s way, but Walrus defeats them all. Suddenly, Walrus starts to weaken as his powers only prove to be temporary. While the other Defenders are down, Frog-Man tackles the Walrus alone and knocks the now-powerless villain unconscious. As the Defenders revive, the crowd is cheering Frog-Man and demanding that the Defenders allow him to join. For a moment, it looks like the Defenders may actually have to let Frog-Man into the group, until Frog-Man’s father, the former villain Leap-Frog, arrives and drags his son away. To settle down the crowd, Angel tells them that the battle with Frog-Man and Walrus was all part of the show. However the Dean of the university is outraged at this revelation. He decides to use Beast’s fee to cover the damages caused by the battle and vows to warn other universities about the Beast’s recklessness.

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See the Beast on his college lecture tour! See the Walrus attack him! See guest-star Frog-Man leap into action! See a homage to the Beatles! See the relationship between Cloud and Moondragon take a strange turn!


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