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Synopsis for "The Pajusnaya Consignment!"

The Defenders headquarters must be decontaminated after their battle with a plant-like creature, so they decide to take a trip to San Francisco. Meanwhile, in Chinatown, a man named Martin is running for his life and seeks help from oriental expediters, Oliver Cutlass and Tai Fung a.k.a. “Typhoon.” Martin is shot, and Cutlass sees the killers escaping in a car, so he gets a taxi to follow them. After a chase, Cutlass tries to jump from the cab to the escaping car, only to be caught by Angel. Gargoyle follows the car, which smashes into a garage door and is destroyed. Cutlass believes the killers must have jumped out of the car before it was destroyed and are still at large. Cutlass also believes that Martin was killed over something called the “Pajusnaya Consignment”. Cutlass tries to call his partner, but she is not at their office, so he deduces where she must have gone. At a hotel, Typhoon visits a man named Swifty and tries to take him to safety when a group of assassins confronts them. The Defenders show up and make short work of the assassins, but Swifty is still killed during the battle. A policeman named Ozu shows up looking for answers from Cutlass and Typhoon, but they claim they don’t have time and Typhoon takes Ozu down. Cutlass, Typhoon, and the Defenders track the assassins to the waterfront. Cutlass and Typhoon demand answers and their leader explains that the “pajusnaya”—which is Russian caviar—was actually a cover for a shipment of cocaine. Martin and Swifty tried to change the drop off time so they could claim the shipment for themselves, which is why they were killed. The Defenders swiftly defeat the drug dealer and his assassins, but Cutlass finds a bullet with a microchip transmitter built in and believes there is someone else behind everything. They go to the Bay Bridge, where they find the ship with the pajusnaya shipment. The DEA shows up with Mr. Ozu and unwraps the shipment to reveal the cocaine. However, Cutlass reveals that the wrapper was actually computer tape that contains vital defense information that Ozu wanted to smuggle out of the country. Typhoon noticed that Ozu’s had a slight Mongolian accent, so she and Cutlass pegged him as a member of the Mongolian KGB. Cutlass tells the Defenders that they are pretty good for “amateurs” and perhaps he’ll work with them again someday. Angry over the Defenders' interference, the drug lord hires an assassin called Manslaughter to kill them.

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Introducing the most unusual pair of detectives ever to cover the streets of San Francisco, and we don't mean Karl Malden and Michael Douglas! Meet Cutlass and Typhoon, when the New Defenders help head off "The Pajusnaya Consignment."


  • Kupperberg is credited as Alan E. Kupperberg.

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