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Synopsis for "Bodies and Souls!"

In Afghanistan, a wizard has taken control of Gargoyle through use of a crystal globe with a pentagram. The leader of the Mujahideen army chastises the wizard for failing to use his magic to drive away any of the invading soldiers. Just then, they are attacked by Soviet helicopters, which the wizard destroys by summoning forth giant demonic hands. The wizard then draws a large pentagram on the ground with fire that emerges from his fingertip. The Mujahideen commander says that he is unimpressed and threatens to have the wizard killed, so the wizard conjures up a giant image of the Gargoyle, which smashes the soldiers. Meanwhile, back at Defenders headquarters, Cloud has a dream about Moondragon and awakens to find that she has transformed into a boy. Cloud had been wrestling with her romantic feelings towards Moondragon because they were both female; now that Cloud is a male, he feels free to express his love for Moondragon. The other Defenders are shocked by Cloud’s transformation, particularly Iceman. Back in Afghanistan, the wizard pays a visit to the Soviets and demonstrates his powers by turning a general’s face into clay. The Gargoyle tries to convince the wizard to stop abusing his powers, but he cannot resist the wizard’s hold over him, so he convinces the wizard to go to America to plunder its’ wealth. The wizard is transported to New York, but he senses that Dr. Strange lives there and realizes that the Gargoyle tricked him into coming here so that Strange might detect his presence and stop him. Seeing a poster advertising the Rockies, the wizard decides to go there instead, unaware that the Defenders live there. Moondragon senses danger and that Gargoyle is involved, so the Defenders fly to Colorado, where they confront the wizard and demand that he release their friend. Believing that the Defenders are demons, the wizard summons a giant apparition of the Gargoyle to destroy them.

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