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  • Odin
  • William Mac Allistaire




  • Angel's plane

Synopsis for "Hungry Like the Wolf!"

Odin looks down on Earth with concern as Moondragon and the Defenders battle Mantis, a former Avenger who became the Celestial Madonna. Mantis says that Moondragon is evil and inferior, so she must die. Beast realizes that Mantis is actually a mental image created by Moondragon’s subconscious and slaps her until she regains her senses, causing “Mantis” to disappear. When the Defenders try to help the injured Moondragon, she refuses and says that she does not want their pity. Moondragon complains about the fact that, despite her best efforts, everyone still believes she is evil, and she breaks down and cries.

Later, Angel goes flying and encounters an eagle, which warns him about a “ringing of iron in the earth” that threatens “the Brotherhood.” Since Angel cannot normally communicate with birds, he is perplexed but decides to call the sheriff in the town nearest to the Jicarilla Indian Reservation. The sheriff confirms that there have been mysterious deaths of people and animals ever since the tribe opened up a silver mine in the area. The Defenders decide to investigate, and during the flight to get there, Moondragon admits to Beast that she has been mentally drawing menaces to the Defenders in an effort to get them to release her from the headband that restrains her psychic powers. [1] [2] Moondragon realizes that she has been wrong, but Beast wonders if she is just trying to make herself look good, which makes her regret thinking that Beast was worthy of her respect.

When the Defenders arrive in the town, the sheriff informs them that all of the bodies found had been drained of blood. A Native American man named William Talltrees warns the Defenders that this is not their land, so they should not interfere. When Angel says that an eagle warned him of danger in the area, Talltrees realizes that he may have misjudged the Defenders and brings them to the silver mine. When people started getting killed, the local medicine men put a spell of protection on the mine, and the killings stopped. Recently, the killing has begun again, this time with animals instead of people being drained of blood. Talltrees reveals himself to be the Native American hero, Red Wolf, the living embodiment of the Owayodata.

Meanwhile, a hunter named William Mac Allistaire runs away in fear when he shoots a three-headed wolf. As the Defenders and Red Wolf descend deeper into the mine tunnel, Valkyrie realizes that they are no longer on Earth but on Asgard. They are attacked by trolls, whose breath causes mortals to become as stiff as stone. With the other Defenders frozen, the trolls are able to overpower Valkyrie and chain her up.

The trolls reveal that they have been using the blood drained from their victims to enhance their spells in order to make better weapons for the Troll-King. Recognizing that Moondragon’s headband was made by Odin, one of the trolls tries to remove it with tongs. As much as Moondragon wants to have the headband removed so her full power can be unleashed, she resists the temptation and telekinetically pushes herself into the trolls’ trough of blood.

The blood splashes on Red Wolf, and since it is the blood of his people, the burning desire for vengeance enables him to move again. Red Wolf then splashes blood on the rest of the Defenders, and because they are fighting for his people, the blood revives them as well.

Valkyrie tells the other Defenders to flee from the mine, as she breaks her chains and brings the mountain down on top of the trolls in the process. With the gateway to Asgard sealed, Valkyrie emerges from the rubble to find that Mondragon’s headband has fallen off. By resisting temptation to save her fellow Defenders, Moondragon has finally learned her lesson in humility.


  • Cover art: Nowlan signs himself Mundelo for Larry Mundelo.
  • While the space appears incorrect, the hunter's name is indeed spelled William Mac Allistaire.

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