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Quote1.png Do not summon me again, Strange -- For if I come -- It will not be as an ally! Quote2.png
Prince Namor

Appearing in ""And Who Shall Inherit the Earth?""

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Thor (Only in flashback)



Synopsis for ""And Who Shall Inherit the Earth?""

Nebulon's true form

With the Defenders prisoner of the Squadron Sinister and Nebulon, Hyperion explains how Nebulon recruited and rescued him from the sub-atomic world in which he was banished to by Thor. When Nighthawk tries to prevent the Squadron from executing the Defenders, he is placed in the prison globe with them, and Nebulon has it shot into space.

Freeing themselves, the Defenders battle the Squadron and Nebulon, during the course of the battle Dr. Strange blasts Nebulon with a mystic bolt that reveals the alien's true form. With everyone shocked by the true form of Nebulon, Nighthawk uses the moment to fire the ray used to melt the icecaps at Nebulon, the resulting explosion seemingly destroys Nebulon and the other Squadron Sinister members. The device explodes seriously injuring Nighthawk, however he is healed by Dr. Strange, and accepted into the ranks of the Defenders.


  • No letters page is published this issue.
  • Page one credits Irving Forbush -Kibitzer.

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