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  • Hotspur

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Synopsis for "Fun!"

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Still blinded from the battle with Moondragon, Angel goes for a flight with Cloud as his guide. He returns to Defenders headquarters as Johnny Blaze and Roxanne Simpson depart. Days later in New York, Tony and Andrea go dancing at a club where a mysterious young man shows up and starts slashing people with a razor-tipped glove. The people dancing seem to take no notice of this, but Andrea attacks him. The man tries slashing Andrea with his glove, but the blades break on her skin. When the man rides away on a horse, Andrea is unable to pursue him and returns home with Tony. Back at the Defenders’ infirmary, doctors are baffled as to why Angel’s vision hasn’t returned and claim there is nothing more that they can do. So, the Defenders decide to travel to New York and seek help from Dr. Strange. General Argyle Fist sends Specialist Nancy Turpin—the woman who previously claimed to have met Beast at a party and has some mysterious connection to Cloud—along as an escort. The Defenders are welcomed at Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, but Strange is away. As the Defenders settle in, Turpin reveals herself to Cloud as Seraph, her former partner from the Secret Empire who turned out to be a Soviet spy. Valkyrie senses danger and assembles the Defenders—all except for Gargoyle, who mysteriously cannot be found. In Central Park, they find a group of people celebrating around an open flame, as the man from the dance club rides his horse and whips them. The man, calling himself Hotspur, easily takes out Valkyrie and Beast with soul-fire emerging from his eyes and mouth. As Iceman and Cloud prepare to confront him, “Andrea” appears—wearing armor and wielding a trident—now calling herself Andromeda.

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