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As Interloper walks across the Pacific Ocean to the coast of California, he passes by a tramp steamer, where Moondragon is aboard, still possessed by the Dragon of the Moon. Interloper considers confronting his ancient foe right there, but thinks better of it and continues on his way to New Mexico. After saying goodbye to Seraph, who returns to the Soviet Union, the Defenders return to their headquarters, where they are greeted by their leader, Candy Southern. “Candy” kisses Warren, which shocks him into unconsciousness, and turns out to be a hologram. Manslaughter has gained control of the Defenders’ security system and announces that he wants to join the team. The Defenders are not amused and split up to find Manslaughter, but each one of them falls into a trap. The Beast and Valkyrie head for the computer room to regain control of the security system, but Manslaughter attacks them. Enraged, Valkyrie looks into Manslaughter’s eyes and shows him the meaning of death. Manslaughter appears terrified and repentant, only to reveal that he has set fire to the rest of the mansion and taken the unconscious Angel prisoner. Manslaughter offers to return Angel to them safe and sound if they will make him a Defender, but Candy says that she has spent a lot of time and work trying to make the name of the Defenders stand for something, and she refuses to allow someone like Manslaughter into the team. Suddenly, Interloper arrives and puts out the fire. Interloper explains that Manslaughter was the only human in ages to find him in his seclusion, so he taught Manslaughter some of his tricks, which he has since regretted. However, he tells the Defenders that they must let Manslaughter join them because they will need all the help they can get. The sun turns black and splits into two black suns, which then narrow and appear like a dragon’s eyes. Moondragon has come home.

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