Quote1.png One does not need "guts" to deal with such as you Bulldozer. One requires power -- and Doctor Strange has power in abundance! Quote2.png
-- Stepehen Strange

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Synopsis for "Rampage!"

Confronted by the Wrecking Crew, the Defenders are told of their antagonists origins: How the Wrecker busted out of prison with a number of fellow criminals and while standing together allowed lightning to strike the Wreckers enchanted crowbar, empowering them all. The group has been smashing down buildings in order to find a hidden Gamma Bomb.

Meanwhile, Valkyrie begins trying to find her identity, as she reflects back on her past as Barbara Norriss, she is unaware that the is being watched by somebody who knows her. As the battle between the other Defenders and the Wrecking Crew rages on, the Hulk joins the fight. When Thunderball unearths the shell casing of the Gamma Bomb, all are shocked when upon opening it, it is realized that the canister is empty.


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